Four Years In The Old World

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From the Preface: 

We hereby notify the captious and the mere critic to spare themselves the pains of reading our unpretending volume. A large portion of its contents was written only in view of meeting the eye and heart of indulgent friends, and not with the studied carefulness demanded by the fastidious, or calculated to commend it even to the justly critical. It is dedicated to our friends in the Old and New World, and may need the pleasant and affectionate charities of friendship as its apologist. 

We did not visit the Old World in anticipation of making a book on our return, but solely in view of religious profit, and in answer to repeated solicitations of earnestly pious friends, and also in faithfulness to our own solemn convictions that the Lord of the harvest called us to that portion of the vineyard. If the result as here set forth has proved to the hearts of the multitude that we have not run or labored in vain, the pious will unite with us in ascribing all the praise to the Triune Deity. 

The careful reader will observe occasional indications of a third party in the editorship of this volume. Our explanation is, that from failing health, &c., it was anticipated that the work might be issued under the supervision of another. Part of the papers were thus prepared. By the persuasion of friends, our health having improved, we were induced to assume the editorship ourselves. In this, the reader will see the wherefore of a third party, and also an apology for the introduction of some complimentary references, which had otherwise been omitted. 

About the author: 

Phoebe Palmer (1807-1874) is often referred to as the mother of the holiness movement. She ministered all over the world. She came from a deep Christian heritage, and her parents received fellowship in the Methodist church from John Wesley himself. No doubt, this had an impact on her spiritual life, despite many sufferings that she had to endure, to include the loss of three children. 

She spent the greater majority of her life in the United States and Canada, and was instrumental in the Third Great Awakening in 1857. 

She authored many books, including 'Incidental Illustrations of the Economy of Salvation; Its Doctrines and Duties,' 'Entire Devotion to God,' 'The Way of Holiness, with Notes by the Way,' 'Faith and Its Effects,' 'The Promise of the Father,' and 'Four Years in the Old World.'

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September 3
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