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Change is never easy. Sometimes it’s downright dangerous! 

Over the past year, M and Rigel have averted various threats: to their relationship, to M’s people and to both Mars and Earth. M’s aunt now knows the truth about her origins and M and Rigel no longer need to hide that they’re a couple. The future looks bright…but not everyone is happy with the way things are changing. When unexpected resistance arises, M and Rigel will again have to work together to keep the secret of their people and the little town of Jewel, Indiana safe from potential disaster.

July 26
Brenda Hiatt
Brenda Hiatt Barber

Customer Reviews

Violet Pojo ,

Awesome book

I used to not like reading books but when I found the series I could not put the book down

Wth233 ,

Good storyline but.....

I must admit that the storyline is great. The book had a nice rhythm and flow to it, but some scenarios were really dumb. In particular, when M needs help and doesn't call out to Ryjel for help right away, and when she finally does, it is not to tell him she is in trouble and needs help. Oh no, that would be the smart thing to do. Instead, she tells him how she was totally fine, but he should play really well in the game?? Seriously?? When you're reading, and the flow is going nicely, and then you get jarred out of the fantasy the story has woven in your mind, because of a part of the story that makes absolutely no sense is quite sad.

Vystorm ,

I need more

I was so excited to see the next book in the series but I was heartbroken that it's so short. I love this series and cannot wait for you to write more. Great read and I would suggest it to anyone!

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