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Mary Shelley’s classic 1818 novel "Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus" comes to life in this multi-touch edition from Providence eLearning. Beautifully narrated and enhanced with a digitally linked glossary, review questions, and  HD Video Lectures that provide a chapter by chapter explanation of the work. British Literature expert, William Lasseter, takes you on a virtual tour through the dark and tormented story of Victor Frankenstein.


 Mary Shelley's work follows the story of a man who  uncovers the secret of life and must face the catastrophic consequences for his Promethean audacity. Nearly 200 years after being penned, “Frankenstein” remains one of the most enduring stories in fictional horror. This complex and layered work becomes much more approachable for students and teachers thanks to this 21st century text.

October 30
Providence eLearning
Providence Academy1219457560
Grades 8-17

Customer Reviews

mhs122456 ,

Great-very helpful

The review videos at the end of each section are very useful and great for preparing for class. Also it is nice to listen to the audio while reading because it keeps your focus and allows the material to really sink in. Overall a great purchase and well worth it!

Natnat1117 ,

Great book!

I just used this book for my English class and I really liked it. The quizzes at the end of each chapter were really helpful and the video and audio features were great too. Highly recommend this.

lovestogo ,

Very Cool!

I just used this eBook for my English class and it was really cool! I loved the quizzes and the audio parts that were built in the book! The editing tools were also really cool and I enjoyed having a notes page where I could see all of my notes by what I had highlighted.

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