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The story opens up with Frankie Blanco being beaten by a gun toting thug who wants him to give the combination to his safe so he can take his money. Blanco foils the robbery by the skin of his teeth and is hell bent on getting revenge on the people who set him up. Immediately after the robbery, Blanco suspects an Italian mobster had a hand in the botched robbery and pays him a visit. Once he's satisfied his hunch is right, he kills him with no remorse.
Blanco returns home to find his beautiful spoiled rotten daughter Rachel home from school because of a suspension. While home she hopes she can spend time with her father but Blanco is too busy with seeking revenge and doesn't want to involve her but promises he will spend time when it's all over. Blanco knows he's been neglecting his daughter and realizes all the money, clothes and jewelry could not replace the lost time and plans on turning his drug empire over to his protégé Nico.
Nico runs the drug operation in Brooklyn's Lafayette Gardens project houses. Nico lucked up with his position because Frankie Blanco took special interest in him. Nico was taken under his wing, paid a hefty salary no matter how much product was moved daily and personally trained by Blanco on how the business actually operated inside and out. Blanco never told Nico he was grooming him to take over his business and Nico was too slow to recognize that fact. Instead Nico wanted to be his own boss and get out from under Blanco's shadow. When an opportunity presents itself, Nico jumps on it and plans to leave Blanco and start his own operation. The problem is, he wants to do it in Lafayette Gardens and that will cause a problem between him and Blanco. His other problem was making sure he had all the money for the supplier in the time he told him or else.
Nico has a secret he's been keeping from Blanco, he has been dating his daughter Rachel and tells her of the situation he is facing with her father. She insists on helping him by getting rid of some of the product through some of her father's contacts. Nico sets up a meeting with Blanco to tell him he no longer wants to work for him and is going on his own but when he tells Blanco he has to shut down his operation in the projects, Blanco declares war.
Nico executes his takeover with the help of his best friend and Rachel but nothing is working in his favor. His plan is collapsing right in front of him and he can't figure out why. His life is in danger and he has no idea how to get out of it. He looks to his friend and Rachel for help and then all the things Blanco taught him kicks in but not before he finds out the real reason he's in danger. In the end he will have to employ the things Frankie Blanco taught him or he will lose more than just his life.

Fiction & Literature
March 13
Brooklyn June L.J. Miller
Smashwords, Inc.

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