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One of readers favorites, Frederica is full of surprises 

When Frederica brings her younger siblings to London determined to secure a brilliant marriage for her beautiful sister, she seeks out their distant cousin the Marquis of Alverstoke. Lovely, competent, and refreshingly straightforward, Frederica makes such a strong impression that to his own amazement, the Marquis agrees to help launch them all into society.

Lord Alverstoke cant resist wanting to help her 

Normally wary of his family, which includes two overbearing sisters and innumerable favor-seekers, Lord Alverstoke does his best to keep his distance. But with his enterprising - and altogether entertaining - country cousins getting into one scrape after another right on his doorstep, before he knows it the Marquis finds himself dangerously embroiled... 


"A writer of great wit and style... I've read her books to ragged shreds." - Kate Fenton, Daily Telegraph

"Stylish, witty, and bang up to the mark!" - Punch

"One of Georgette Heyer's more adorable heroines." - Saturday Review

"Classic Heyer—the author at her best!"

"Not only do the characters seize your heart from the first moment, they are three dimensional and so alive. It is just wonderful!"

"What a great book. One of my favourites, as the most beautiful is not the heroine."

"Witty, enchanting, and impossible to put down. This is one of Heyer's best works and one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read."

"A wonderfully written witty tale of the downfall of a cynic. I was charmed."

January 1
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Sourcebooks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jhane Aweston ,

You will want to read this book over and over again

This is the first time I have read one of this author's books. I could not put it down‼️
Dishes pile up in the sink; beds remained unmade; dirty laundry went unwashed as I devoured this witty and cleverly written book.
She draws you into the story such that you forget where you are and you wish the book will never end.

dcstylee ,

Go for it! Regency delight.

Love the characters as well as period language- I'm pursuing other works by this author!

keroberus ,

So far, my favorite heroine is Frederica

One of the strongest, most sensible, and warm hearted heroines of the author, is Frederica in my opinion. Modern females with their own family baggage and obligations can relate to this stylish girl who is older than her years. She is the epitome of smart respectability with a reckless streak that compromises the hero every time she gets into a situation, but the readers will love her for it. The only reason why I gave it four out of five is that Frederica's own thought process on romance is sadly never revealed to us and the ending was abrupt.

The pairing between her and the Marquis is hilarious. The slow, methodical process that the hero's heart unravels is so beautifully written, you will want to laugh with him through the process, until the inevitable end.

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