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Steps to winning lottery. Strategies to win pick 3 and pick 4. How to win Mega millions, Powerball and all lotto games. Winning lottery based on trend calculations. Mathematics of winning lottery games.

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October 12
Author Encoe
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The free lottery book

This is a good book.

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There is NO way WHATSOEVER to increase your odds of winning the lotto, no matter what. If you think you can, you are an idiot! If you have half a brain and think about it, you will feel pretty dumb. Example: we'll use play3 for easy math. A play 3 has 3 numbers. The first number can be from 0-9, so that's 10 possible numbers, making the first digit 1/10 in your favor. (you have 1 in 10 chance your first number is pulled first. It is exactly the same with the second number. Say the first number drawn is a 3. You have the same odds of drawing a 3 on your second roll as you would a 7. This makes your odds AGAIN 1/10 for the second number. Repeat with the third.

So my chances of drawing 713 are as follows:

1/10 x 1/10 x 1/10.

This makes your odds 1/1,000

Because each pick of each number every single day is an independent event (it doesn't matter what number you draw first, the odds will always be the same for the second and third pick) then it makes no difference whatsoever what numbers you choose, your odds will ALWAYS BE THE SAME,,, you have the same odds of having an identical pick come out for a week straight as if you picked a different number every single day.

The same is true with play4, lotto, powerball, etc. except your odds of winning are A LOT LESS.
It is the same with roulette. You have the same chance of getting 10 black rolls back to back as you do getting 10 reds in a row. Or 5 reds then five blacks. Or black and red alternating. Each spin (or number pick with lotto) is completely independent, it doesn't matter what came before. Think about it. If there were 5 black spins, in a row, your odds are the same to roll another black as they Re to roll a red. It's all a gimmic, a scam.



Money scheme

Not a full study into the field. There is no understanding or methods written.

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