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Is marriage the ultimate human relationship?

Since the dawn of mankind, marriage was understood to be the only relationship that expressed the most intimate union possible—the mystery of two people becoming one. With the advent of Jesus, however, an entirely new and revolutionary paradigm for relationships came into view.   

What does it mean to 'love one another' in the same way that Jesus loved?

When Jesus prayed for His disciples (and us) to be ‘one’ in the same way that He and His Father are one, it was the first time the dynamic of oneness was introduced outside the confines of marriage. Free to Love sets out on a journey to explore: the depths that are possible within relational oneness, how this oneness transcends every human category—including gender—and why oneness lies at the heart of Jesus’ New Commandment to love one another in the same way that He has loved us. An essential read for those seeking to experience depth in Christian community.

Religion & Spirituality
February 14
Ingram DV LLC

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Em6508 ,

A Treasure!

The first book from writer and blogger, Jamal Jivanjee, Free to Love unveils the stunning realities of humanity's God-breathed identity and our incredible capacity to love just as He does, in every type of relationship. The book tackles many of the lies that have been whispered to us all throughout our lives, and unveils the true sources of the "sin" and self-interest that hinder our ability to relate to others with pure, Godlike love. Jamal Jivanjee reveals the fullness of authentic friendships, how we can enjoy these friendships with others whether we are married or not, and that we are truly Free to Love.

The book is rich, honest and at times, vulnerable, as the author shares some of the journey that has brought him to these incredible discoveries. He brings up some challenging questions, and I encourage all to push through to the end, for there is an incredible gift of freedom waiting for everyone who perseveres!

Free to Love is a triumph and treasure, and will benefit every reader, whether married or single, and from any walk of life. On a personal note, I can say with certainty that everything else I have read and studied so far on my own journey has led up to what is shared in this book. For me, Free to Love is an answer to lifelong prayer. If you are human, read this book. It is a gift!

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