Freeing Linhurst: Into the Tunnels

Releasing the beast within the body of the abandoned asylum

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    • $2.99

Publisher Description

Two years have passed since Jack Alexander and his best friend Celia slipped inside Linhurst State School and Hospital to uncover the truth beyond the abandoned walls. What they discovered was more than they had bargained for, and their lives haven’t been the same since.

For 11th grader Jack, now saddled with the nickname “Ghost Boy” by his incredulous classmates, is spending his days in therapy, and fighting a recurring nightmare that haunts his dreams. All Celia wants is to move on from that fateful night, and help her friend Jack in the process.

But just when it seems that life might be returning to normal, the Linhurst campus begins experiencing strange phenomena once again. Severely injured staff, mysterious writings on the wall, and the return of green flashes of light have Dr. Moseley on high alert. Certain this is not the work of mere trespassing vandals, Mose hires a team of paranormal investigators to find the source of the disturbances. Jack and Celia are thrown back into the world of ghosts and spirits, and must face a dark curse that has gripped the former asylum.

After Celia is taken into the tunnels by a menacing force, it’s a race against the clock to free her and cage the energy that threatens the future of Linhurst.

Sequel to Freeing Linhurst, Into the Tunnels ratchets up the intensity and continues to explore the realm of paranormal at Linhurst State School and Hospital, a fictional institution based on Pennhurst State School and Hospital outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Young Adult
October 1
Aries First
Al Cassidy

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