Freeing the Prisoner...Book 3 in the Kindred Tales Series

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Kyron is a Touch Kindred, able to physically touch others with the power of his mind and Touch sense, but he has sworn a solemn vow to use his power only for good. When he is captured and held prisoner on the small planet of Goshan Prime, his resolve is sorely tested. He's beaten, starved, and kept constantly chained. There's only one bright spot--a girl who slips into his cell because she's curious.

Dannella is a Princess of the Blood. Raised to be a proper lady, she knows that one day she will be given in marriage to a male who will act as both her husband and owner. Females aren't valued in Goshan society and she has little control over her own life. Despite her restrictive upbringing, Dani rebels and finds her way into the cell occupied by the strange new warrior, a Kindred so huge he dwarfs every other male she's ever known.

Kyron shows her his Touch sense and gives her pleasure she's never dreamed of, even though he is chained in his cell. Dani finds herself falling for the big Kindred but then the unthinkable happens--a marriage is announced and time has suddenly grown short. Now she and Ky are one the run, trying to escape from a life which has become a prison for them both. But in order to gain their freedom, Ky must break his sacred oath. Will it cost him his love and his life?
Find out in Freeing the Prisoner…

October 7
Evangeline Anderson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Flchick12 ,

An intense addition to the Kindred Brides series

Another fantastic addition to the Kindred Brides series. No story is the same, other than the intensity throughout each story. The Kindred's loyalty is magnificent in itself, but the situations the warriors find themselves in reminds us they are fierce protectors as well. This story is no different. Dani and Ky meet in an unlikely manor, but the love they share is unflappable. Dani falls for Ky so slowly that she doesn't even realize it, but he loves her with a fierceness only the Kindred has. When things go badly for them both, he's determined to do all he can to save her and her sister. No matter the cost, even if it means losing her.

I cannot wait to see what's happening next, this has to be an all time favorite series for me. I'm voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book.

R. Manor ,

Freeing The Prisoner

Freeing The Prisoner: A Kindred Tales Novel:(Alien Warrior I/R BBW Science Fiction Romance ) Brides of the KIndred
By Evangeline Anderson

“Freeing The Prisoner” is an interesting addition to the Kindred Tales Novels. The characters featured are a Touch Kindred that are very intriguing (I want one) and we haven’t had too many of that kind of Kindred. Apparently they can do amazing things but also great damage because of their ability to touch and affect others without actually “touching “ them. Read the book for further explanations but it’s a very cool ability, In order to be on the mothership they must swear a sacred oath only to use their abilities when it is to pleasure or protect their mate.

Ky is an honorable male and takes his vow very seriously. He has purposely taken on the mission of checking out unknown worlds and to look for clues about the evil Hive, so he spends less time on the mothership.
Ky is a typical gorgeous tall all muscle protective alpha Kindred male with great sense of justice and empathy for others. I liked his character very much he goes through a lot of hell to uphold his vows.

Dani, the heroine, is. A Princess on the planet of Goshen Prime. Here females have virtually zero power and are on the lowest scale as far as respectability, freedom or rights. Still she is brave with a rebellious streak which I admired, roaming the secret tunnels around the palace despite the danger of being caught. She also speaks her mind, which in this horrid society is blasphemy for a female. She is a beautiful female on the plus size which is just perfect for Ky.

In all honesty I found this planet and it’s civilizations very disturbing and hard to read about.
I believe this was the intention of the author and she did a great job of bringing home the point of how important it is that we as females hold our ground, especially today when there are huge challenges against those trying to limit our freedoms and voices.

One day while adventuring through the secret passages Dani finds a prisoner who captures her curiosity, and she finds herself unable to stay away from the Kindred male they are treating so horribly.
Drawn together by terrible circumstances Ky and Dani find themselves unable to resist the growing attraction and feelings for each other.
Not going to narrate the whole story which has all the elements of a longer novel, excitement, scifi adventure, danger, tension, and a balanced amount of erotic scenes and sexual tension (always a plus especially from Evangeline Anderson).

Awesome appearances of some of the great men and women on the mothership and a preview of the next novel which sounds amazing and should be a great Xmas release.

Racy Carr ,

His little princess

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I absolutely love this series and it is always great to see another book come out.

Kyron aka Ky was this sexy hot Touch Kindred. He was a good man and a man that kept his word. He was sent to gather information on the planet that the Hive had inhabited. Unfortunately things did not go as smoothly as he hope. Who are we kidding it did not go smoothly at all. He ended up bing captured by the Goshan Warriors.

I can not imagine what it was like for Ky to go through the hell he went through on this planet. This people were cruel. He was starved and beaten but not once while he was in captivity did he use his special abilities to harm the people on this planet.

Dannella aka Dani I just loved her character. She was very strong willed. She did not have the same views her people had. She was also her dad’s favorite but it seems the evil Tornk has other plans. He will do what it takes to tear down the bond that Dani and her father share.

It is funny how in your darkest hour that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel. For Ky, Dani was just that. Dani had a good heart and slowly by slowly Dani and Ky were falling for each other.

Things get really really bad and Ky and Dani will find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Things get to looking pretty grim. But I believe the Goddess has different plans. It is amazing how when you see no way out and there is no hope in sight, that a miracle will happen.

It was good to see Merrick and Elise brought in this story. Shh I might have a little crush on Merrick. Have for a very long time. I loved how in Ky’s darkness moment Merrick and Elise were there to give him hope.

When reading a book I always ask my self if there is anything I would of love to seen different. I think I would of loved to seen Dani’s younger sister Lavinia and Jontu mate. It would of been nice to see he how he would take her and how her reaction would of been. But that is just me. I have a naughty mind, what can I say.

I truly enjoyed this story and glad I got a chance to read it. Looking forward to other books in this series.

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