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Freewill is a Young Adult slipstream novel that embodies both science fiction and dark fantasy, with strong paranormal romantic overtones. Within its pages a world comes to life, where mythology is real and evident in humanity's interaction with the ethereal Others. Ellie, once a human but now an Other (an empathic creature surviving in a fugue state, inside the otherworldly veil for over sixty years,) has been finding the strength to exist through her compulsion to be a muse; that is, until she meets Christopher. Christopher, a present day young man with the special talent to foresee the truth of the intangible Others, quickly becomes Ellie's heart's desire. Ellie and Christopher inevitably find themselves developing an unusual relationship, where touching one another can only happen in Christopher’s dreams. Unbeknownst to them, ever since Ellie's birth in 1922, destiny's hand, guided by mythical forces and fairytale lineage, has been pushing them into each other's embrace, while also potentially into the arms of evil Others called the Timoro, and into the sights of dangerous feuding organizations-- the Symboulio: the council of the ancient and divine, and the Symbio: the new world council of acceptance. In this first book of the trilogy, the readers start to understand that Ellie’s transformation into an Other as an empath is exceptionally rare; only happening one additional time, over 2,000 years ago. Finally awakened by Christopher’s presence, if she does not build a connection to lessen the burden of feeling the world’s emotions she will cease to exist. Delving into a mixture of historical events, mythical manifestations, and folklore, the setting provides glimpses into familiar images that lull the reader into believing they know what may happen next … but that doesn't account for Free Will.

Young Adult
March 11
Elyse Draper
Smashwords, Inc.

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