The Frey Saga, no. 1

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Publisher Description

Nothing is as it seems.

Frey's life is a lie. She doesn't remember being bound from magic. She didn't intend to discover this dangerous secret, to get entangled in Council business. But she did.

And now she's on the run.

With the aid of a stranger, she discovers a world beyond the elves who bound her. But it's a world of shadows and dark magic, a world she's been warned not to trust. The farther she strays, the more she finds a forgotten past. As she fights to reclaim her true identity, Council trackers hunt her down.

If they find her, she will burn.

The stranger offers her a way out, but it's a path of no return. How do you know who to believe when you don't even know who you are?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 28
Melissa Wright
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

SecretAuthor ,

Haley's Review of Frey

First of all, I received a copy of this book signed from the author so my thanks to Melissa Wright!

*Spoiler Alert.*

This is the best kind of story: action packed, a little bit of sexual tension, and a heroin who has yet to find herself. Literally, in this case.

Freya, Elfreda, Frey...this is our main character! But she doesn't know who she is. And she doesn't know that she doesn't know who she is because all of her memories have been stripped from her. The story starts in a small Elvin town,(Yes, this story is about ELVES:), where Frey lives with her completely nuts Aunt Fannie. But Frey is quite unlike the others. She has no magic. She can't even make plants grow! Then she accidentally chokes a girl with her thoughts. And a man called Chevelle is eliciting strange reactions in Frey. She doesn’t know if he’s to help her or hurt her. When things begin to spiral out of control, Frey does the only thing she can and runs. But what she finds makes her question the truth of everything. It seems that the Grand Counsel of Elves have put binds on her, but the only way to take those binds off are to kill all the members. And so, with dear Chevelle in tow, that is exactly what starts coming to pass.

This is really a spectacular piece of literature. The writing is not only well done without any errors but it’s eloquent and easily flows between the characters. The characters seem life like in reactions and abilities, yet stay within the bounds of the fantasy world they were created for. They are…memorable. Fun to read, simple to hope for, best to devour but also good to take in slowly. The plot is twists and turns in manners that are unexpected. I was constantly on the edge of my seat.

What I really liked though is Freya. At the start we are presented with this woman who does not have any idea who she is, but won’t even fight back. As we progress we begin to see the shifting of another person within Frey. A wild, strong person that is longing to be brought out. And the journey is not a pleasant one. (Well, it wouldn’t be when all of your memories were blocked and the only way to get them back was by killing those who bound you in the first place, would it?)

One last thing to adress. The romance-my favorite part!!!-Chevelle is the love interest here, and maybe I haven't made this clear with other reviews but I loved the guys that are completly and utterly lost for thier girl, the ones that have imperfections and still are drop dead and willing to do whatever to protect! That perfectly discribes Chevelle. He is loyal, he is so very handsom *sigh, I love blue eyes. Dark and deep like the sea*, and he is fierce.

Overall, I was dissatisfied with nothing. I really really really enjoyed Frey.

Supper Bubbler Lover ,


At first the book is a little hard to get into but then it picks up and find that you can't put it down! I just loved it!!! The character were a little hard to get a fell for in this book and I had to read all the way to the end to put some of the pieces together but other than that it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! I really recommend you read this book if you want to be entertainment, thrilled, upset, and then blown away!!! ^_^

Frsty1111 ,


Great book! I had a hard time putting it down. Can't wait to read the next books!

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