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“A truly extraordinary memoir!” – Midwest Book Review

“I cried when I read this book. Eli Weintraub grabs you with a memoir that reads like a novel, and just doesn’t let go. This is a powerful story!” – Connie Shelton, USA Today bestselling author

In 1976 Nancy Weintraub was a rebellious teen, a child of the 60s, a free spirit. She and a friend set out, against her parents’ wishes, to spend a year in San Miguel de Allende attending art school and perfecting their Spanish. Nancy was in heaven as she experienced international travel and the art scene, but a horrific accident in a lonely Mexican desert took away her life as she knew it. As her family, friends, many doctors, and complete strangers made heroic efforts to save her life, many of her hopes were dashed forever.

Unknowingly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Nancy spent the next 10 years running from one bad situation to the next. Trying to reinvent herself, she changed her name to Eli. Her healing really began after learning about the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, whose life mirrored her own in so many ways, and meeting an art therapist. Through art therapy, she came to realize that Nancy had died in the wreckage on that rain-slick road, and she didn’t know the person who had emerged. It seemed her free-spirited gypsy self was gone. Gradually, the artist and writer Eli emerged from the shell of Nancy, and through art she found her way back to life and love.

Frida and Me takes the reader through this remarkable woman’s journey, from the giddy days of her once-in-a-lifetime adventure, through the darkest abyss imaginable, putting her on a new path toward helping others recognize art as a tool to heal. Her inspiring presentations have helped trauma victims and clinicians alike, and readers of her story cannot help but be affected by her courage and determination.

Praise for Frida and Me:
“An inherently absorbing, singularly fascinating, completely compelling, and truly extraordinary memoir that is as deftly crafted as it is impressively candid.” – Midwest Book Review

“Powerful read! This memoir was impressive. Very powerful read and I wanted to just sit and read it until I was done. Very informative, very intuitive. I wanted to just grab this 18 year old girl and hold onto her and help her through the troubles she endured. I now have a little bit more insight into things I have gone through myself and can relate in a very small part. Thank you for sharing all your life endeavors.” – 5 star review

“Struggles and successes—Oh my gosh, what an emotional, intense story this is. Nancy's then Eli's life experiences are so intense. I felt the strength even through the struggles Eli went through. I loved reading Eli's descriptions of her paintings. Her social experiences as she went through her facets of healing were interesting. I even loved reading the epilog. This story is so moving and I am so glad I took the opportunity to read it.” –5 stars

“I just read this book in one sitting. I cried through parts of it...This woman has been through a lot. It is a must read.” – Jaxon, 5 star review

“This is a must-read! Anyone who is dealing with or has overcome trauma / PTSD should definitely read this story. It would also benefit any care provider or trauma counselor. That's another thing I really loved about the book-- I loved the art, in full color, that Eli shares... fantastic! Do yourself a favor and read this story today!” – 5 stars

“An astonishing story of art’s abilities to heal physical and psychic trauma. The artwork and accompanying narrative of Frida and Me carry the reader through the artist/author’s difficult journey following a horrific bus accident. The account courageously highlights the witness of art in service of the soul.” – Linney Wix, Ph.D., ATR-BC, Professor Emerita

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