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In this series prequel, Trixie is ecstatic that she is about to reach her lifelong dream of owning a shop which is a combination bookstore, coffee shop, wine bar. It's the best of all worlds. To make it even better she's doing it with her best friends Sally and Cora.

Everything is going smoothly until strange things start to occur. Someone trashes their store mere days before they are to open. Then Sally gets stranded when someone puts sugar in her gas tank.

Who has it in for them? Is it Sylvia, Sallys ex-husbands new girlfriend or is someone trying to sabotage Read Wine?

Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery Series

Book 1: Friends and Foes (prequel)

Book 2: Snowglobes and Secrets

Book 3: Cupcakes and Killers

Book 4: Wine and Revenge

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October 13
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Bend in like a Bohemian ,

several roads take a different turn

a circle of thirty and forty something year old friends are all working their way through crumbling relationships:
2 divorcees with kids, one single girl, getting single again.

all have the tangles that grown up exes tend to: kids with an ex you still have to see, or various issues regarding property and self esteem.

Trixie Pristine is the town librarian, 38 with an eight year old. She has a love and knowledge of books, a long nurtured desire to have a bookshop someday, and an ex who is better with their son than he is staying away from gambling and avoiding other financial slippery slopes - like helping himself to some funds that do not belong to him.

Sally is about to get a sum of money from her ex Tom, who played a little too much and too often with the secretary at his car dealership. After keeping things going for Tom and his family businesses going, as well as the school stuff for the kids, and other society and family stuff, Sally is ready for a little something different that is her own venture- or one with her friends.

Cora Taylor is the single again gal with no kids, and she just got down sized. First time unemployed sing she started working at 16, she is looking for a new challenge.

With their combined skills, monies and connections, the ladies are able to wrangle ownership of a great site, at a bargain price - thanks Tom - as well as a good start on expediting the business and other needed permits.

Along they way, in addition to some harrowing challenges from their exes, the ladies face vandalism, petty theft, damaged tires, and threats from an unknown source or sources. seems like someone in town is threatened by their book and wine shop.

Sylvia is proving to be a loud troublemaker as well - and the trouble probably has not ended for her either. Tom is cheating on her with the receptionist who replaced her at the dealership. She makes her displeasure with our trio of friends very loudly and destructively known.

So is Sylvia the only one behind most of their woes as the ladies begin to build up their stock and prepare to open their store?

or is there even more at work behind the scenes in their small town troubles?

Great read, with plenty of the challenges you find only in towns where people have known you since you were in second grade.

I own many of the books in this and the other series from this author. I also received an advance copy from Booksprout.

slapstickgum ,

Really awful

How does this author continue to write? Maybe she gets better. Hopefully. This was just a waste of time. Juvenile, horrible stupid storyline and characters, never mind the pathetic editing job.


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