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Discover the charming first enovella in a new Amish romance series from the New York Times bestselling author of Love Held Captive and The Gift.

When Andy’s baby sister Trish gets stranded at the family cabin during a massive blizzard, he calls upon his best friends—the Magnificent Eight—to go to his sister’s rescue.

Andy knows that several members of the Eight will drop everything to help, and they’re the perfect solution because the Amish aren’t hindered by stalled cars—they can travel just fine in their buggies.

But when Logan, Trish’s secret crush, is the first to volunteer to save her, she can’t help but worry that, despite the freezing temperatures, being alone with Logan might mean that things heat up pretty fast. Filled with Shelley Shepard Gray’s signature “heart-warming, heart-stopping” (Wendy Corsi Staub, New York Times bestselling author) prose, Friends to the End is an evocative and endearing romance.

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February 11
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Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Walnut Creek prequel

Friends to the End by Shelley Shepard Bray finds Tricia Warner stranded at her family’s cabin ninety minutes outside Walnut Creek, Ohio. The electricity is out and she did not bring provisions with her. Tricia her big brother, Andy, who is on vacation with their parents in Naples, for assistance and prepares herself for his lengthy lecture. Andy knows that his close group of friends called the Magnificent Eight will rescue Tricia despite the storm. Logan Clark, who is New Order Amish, is Andy’s first call since he can get to Tricia by sleigh. Tricia has had a crush on Logan since the day she met him and worries about spending time alone with him. It turns out that Tricia is not the only one with that concern. When Andy hears that Tricia and Logan are alone in the cabin with a blizzard raging outside, he reaches out to Harley, Elizabeth Ann and Marie. Logan was quick to respond to Andy’s request because he has been attracted to Tricia for a couple of years and she is frequently in his thoughts. While the storm rages outside and the pair are alone, Logan tries to uncover why Tricia ventured to the cabin on her own. Get to know Tricia, Logan, Andy and a few of the Magnificent Eight in Friends to the End.

Friends to the End is a well-written and thoughtful story. It introduces readers to Tricia Warner along with brother, Andy plus a group of close friends. Friends to the End is only 113 pages in length so it is a quick, easy to read novella. Tricia is a junior at Bowling Green State University and is a mathematics whiz. However, she has difficulties with other parts of her life. Tricia feels like she is letting down her parents with her frequent mishaps. Andy Warner is an organizer and worrier. He cannot help fixing things for Tricia and his friends. Logan Clark is New Order Amish, but he cannot help his feelings for Tricia. He cannot imagine Tricia giving up her lifestyle to be with him. We also meet Harley, Elizabeth Ann and Marie Hartman. When Andy called, they dropped everything to come help Tricia (good friends). I thought the story was realistic with interesting and relatable characters. I look forward to learning more about them in The Patient One. The author laid the groundwork in Friends to the End for the series and we get a glimpse of what will happen in the next book. I do recommend reading Friends to the End before embarking on The Patient One. Friends to the End is the perfect tale to settle down with in a cozy chair on a cold afternoon.

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