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The "Friends" are back in book five, the next chapter in the Friends With… Benefits series. As Jim and Victoria learn to live together and raise their new baby, Jillian and Brian embark on a challenging and hilarious struggle to conceive one of their own. Getting pregnant seems like a piece of cake compared to what's involved in bringing Jillian's novel to the big screen as an unwelcome guest and an ill-advised celebrity free pass complicate matters immensely.


Featuring expanded Ian Dalton scenes, this book is also the continuation of the steamier Victoria Wilde version of the series. The optional "Ian" scenes are easily skipable by readers who prefer the Luke Young variety.


Containing summaries of all four earlier books, Friends With Too Many Benefits is also a great place to join the series. Come to know this wild, fun and amazing group of characters who share far too much with one another and where no dare, practical joke or topic of conversation is off-limits. So whether you are new to it or been following this group of friends around since the beginning, you are sure to have "Way Too Much" fun with Too Many Benefits.

December 11
Luke Young
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Customer Reviews

Big bull Akita ,

Loved them!!

Good books! Great LOL scenes and good steamy ones! Hilarious really!! Worth reading!!

Kannikea ,


Am I the only one that thought it was weird that everyone was grabbing each other's junk and having sex with each other? The book was one giant orgy and too many lines were crossed. I loved the first one, the second one was alright, and they just got more ridiculous and unbelievable with each book! I didn't even make it past chapter 4 before I closed it out and shouted DONE!

jailene318 ,


Amazing book! Read all the books, and by far this is the best one, very sexy and funny, really recommend reading!

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