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Fragments of memories. False promises. Shattered dreams. We are forged into ever-changing masterpieces by the gravity of the keepsakes we choose to collect.

The adhesive binding the fragile remnants of our souls? Love. The stories within this book tell of love in all the myriad forms it can take. 

Lane has filled the stories with wonderful prose, making every story a thing of beauty that flows poetically. The words throughout From a Heart-Shaped Box have been finely crafted to convey meaning in every sentence. As these sentences combine into paragraphs, and the paragraphs flow into stories, they transport you to the author’s mind’s eye, seeing the world—and love—from her vantage point. 

The entries by Autumn Curtis and W.H. Ringer also contribute to the wider theme, and bring their distinct voices to it. These different voices add to the overall feel of the book: different to the core author, but thematically similar with their own emphasis. These serve to break up the book with their own examinations of love while also adding an extra dimension to the story.

Quiet Hearts:

This is a lovely, heartwarming tale about memories of old and how they influence the present. This tale offers a glimpse of love and how it can endure, even when the lovers are separate.

Fret No More:

One of the shorter stories in the anthology, this is about the polar opposite to Quiet Hearts. Dark and brutal, this is an unrelenting look at a helpless child trapped between chaotic and toxic love.

Soul Mender:

A heart-wrenching story about life under a pandemic that is wonderfully and upsettingly relatable, despite the sadness, it still offers hope.

Forever by W.H. Ringer:

A brutal story about unhinged toxic love. The escalating dread of the story builds up to a wonderful crescendo.


This is a wonderful story about death and despair, and the evils of humanity. The prose in this story is incredibly vivid and does a superb job of placing the reader inside the protagonist’s head.

Star Holder:

This is a pure tale about the purest love, that between a parent and their child. This story is beautifully realized and will be sure to move the most stoic of readers.


A tale about freedom and isolation, Amelia mesmerizes with its descriptions of the world’s beauty, and the deprivation of said beauty.

Bottle A Butterfly by Autumn Curtis:

A magical tale, both figuratively and literally, Bottle a Butterfly captures the beauty of nature, and in particular, an oak tree while also digging deep to explore self love and acceptance.

Last Dance:

A love story set within the high society of yonder, Last Dance is a beautifully romantic tale.

Oath Breaker:

By far the longest story of the lot, Oath Breaker, is broken into ten chapters. With these chapters comes a rewarding tale about what people would do for love, the consequences be damned.

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November 7
Keira Lane
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