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Breakups suck. No matter who called it off, or what the circumstances, it’s going to hurt. Life as you knew it is no more.

I’ve been there. I am a product of a failed marriage. I thought I would never get divorced. Coming from the Midwest, which adopts a very family oriented mentality, it just didn’t seem like an option. But as years of negativity piled into my toxic relationship, there was no other choice.

At first I felt like failure. How could I be 31 years old with no significant other, no family, and no future? But then I said screw that glass is half empty b******t and decided to change my perspective on everything.

Think about it. After a breakup, you now have a fresh platform to rediscover and redefine exactly who you are. There’s nobody holding you back and you can do whatever the hell you want. So, let’s make the most of it.

Every day I would dedicate time to rediscover who I am, what makes me uniquely awesome, and how to continually build up my mind, body and soul.

Throughout my journey I've talked with psychologists, lifestyle experts, family and friends to get their thoughts and advise on breaking up. I also had the opportunity to coach very close bro friends of mine through their divorces with what I had learned.

My mission now is to drop that knowledge on Bros across the world, empowering them to process breakups the right way and use it as a springboard to become epically awesome in every facet of life.

We'll tackle things like...

- The 5 steps of properly mourning your relationship

- Rediscovering and redefining your unique awesomeness

- Rewiring your mind with gratitude, inner peace, and living in the moment

- Searching for your life purpose

- Embracing solitude and traveling the world on your own

- Reinvigorating the body with nutrition, strength, and conditioning

- Revamping your wardrobe and grooming regimen

- Getting back in the game and where to play

- How to never settle and find your perfect match

So, now it's your turn. Game time. Get your ass off the couch and get to work on becoming Bro 2.0. Start by taking a picture of yourself. Jot down a few notes on how you’re feeling. Put them in a drawer. We’ll take a look back at it a year from now. You’ll be surprised how much positive change there will be.

Let's go...your future self awaits

April 9
Matt Shumate
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