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It took years to get my small business processes down pat. From Chaos to Order will help any entrepreneur do a “head check” on his or her business. Don’t let a lack of process get in the way of your lifestyle business! The Checklist for Avoiding Mistakes is worth the price of this book alone! Here are some of the main ideas we’ll dive into: 

*Get super clear – Are you truly focused on where you are going? Like a laser beam? Is your light…your energy…so focused it can cut through steel? For example, are you clear about your ultimate goal? What’s it going to be like when you get there? 

*As Red Scott reminds us: “Cash is king and it isn’t cash unless it’s cash.” I am very hesitant to take on any debt in order to grow our business because if there is a second downturn in the economy, that debt can crush cash flow affecting both my business and personal finances. Therefore the question is: If I take on debt does it help generate cash now or the near future? Does it make my business more secure? Can I handle the risk long term? If not, I’d think twice about doing it. 

*Innovate and differentiate or die – You have to change with the times and be the change itself. Don’t try to play catch-up with your competitors, run right by them. If there’s ever a time to “get out-of-the-box” and reinvent your business, now is that time! 

*Cooperation versus control – Remember this: The less you control, the more you will accomplish. Today we have to be great collaborators and generate cooperation amongst our workforce, customers, and partners to survive. We don’t have to do it alone…and in fact, we can’t do it alone. This means the mantra is management by agreement, cooperation, and collaboration as opposed to management by control or manipulation. 

*Maintain a positive mental attitude – As Rev. Norman Vincent Peale preached throughout his life, it’s important to be a positive thinker. Your attitude infects the entire company... and your customers. If you’re not optimistic then why should they be? I will share much of what I know to help you protect and grow your business but ultimately you have to be grateful for what you have been given and optimistic about your future. 

*Get your head checked – If there was ever a time to get yourself into a “mastermind group” this is it. Do not attempt to manage this rollercoaster alone. Make sure that you have people around you in a confidential setting that are willing to call you on your “bull”. They will help you see what you can’t see for yourself. 

*Maintain balance in your personal life – Much of our ability to be flexible in our business is determined by our personal lifestyle. If you’re big on acquiring as much doodah as humanly possible then you will find yourself stranglehold by the effort to keep up with the financing of that doodah. Whether it is a bigger house you don’t need, a fancier car you don’t need, or luxurious trips you don’t need. 

Fact is, the only personal debt you should have is the mortgage on your house. That’s it!

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