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The express purpose of this book is to provide concrete evidence that the Bible is not just a religious book; it is a scientific book that teaches us how the universe was created; it is a social book that teaches us how to live peaceably with our neighbors; it is a prophetic and historical book that reveals how God has worked in the past to fulfill His promises and purposes; and it is a spiritual book that teaches how God has revealed his will and purpose for humanity. The book is divided into five volumes which deal with questions that we might ask about the Bible and the origin of the universe. The first four volumes of the book deal with the four dimensions of the Bible. Volume 1 deals with the Physical (Scientific) Dimension of the Bible. It seeks to answer the questions: How did we get here? How old is the universe? And who are our Ancestors? Volume 2 deals with the Spiritual Dimension of the Bible and seeks to find Universal Principles from God’s Word that teach us how to live according to God’s will. Volume 3 deals with the Prophetic Dimension of the Bible. It provides a historical record of how God has worked through the Nation of Israel to pre-determine the events and conditions of life and judged the nation’s responses to the events and conditions of life. Volume 4 deals with the Social Dimension of the Bible. It defines the four social institutions created by God: the family, human government, the Nation of Israel, and the Church, and describes how the Universal Principles discovered in Volume 2 may be or have been applied in those four social institutions. Volume 5 summarizes the bottom-line conclusions and recommendations from the scientific analysis of the four dimensions of the Bible, and it defines the meaning of the symbols that are used to represent the Universal Principles.

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June 29

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