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This new publication seeks to bring attention to some of the many issues relating to Christian beliefs and practice that the author encountered on becoming a Christian. He relates his personal testimony of how he was converted from a life of Crime to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, on 16th January 1970 and clearly shows that Lord Jesus Christ is presented to us in the bible as the only saviour of sinful men.  

He clearly identifies the bible teaching of God’s predestination of all things. God knows all things , from the beginning to the end, for God predestined all things. In this work man is held responsible for his thoughts actions and deeds. Man has no excuse.  

David shows how he learned that the word of God, contained in the Old and NewTestament scriptures, has been preserved in the text underlying the Authorised Version of the bible which is a good translation.  

David points out that the true rest for the people of God is a rest from labour, or works we may do or think we can to please God. That the Lord Jesus Christ is the true Sabbath which the Law of Moses pointed too.  

David relates how he discovered that the departure from the Christian view and NewTestament teaching of the distinctive roles of men and women in the Church has brought about much confusion in the world and church. Having identified this issue he published his book Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, or alternatively does the Lord Jesus want women to rule as elders in his church.  

David believes that Christian morals are taught in the bible and they often conflict with the men of the world and that Governments cannot change, alter or determine the rights and wrongs in moral values. The Christian must be governed by biblical morality and not secular men.  

In seeking to teach the gospel to David has found that the only way to communicate gospel truth is by personal discussion, debate and keeping to the main tenets of the gospel. These tenets are the Person and work of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection and to reason from creation of the world and a clear statement of truths taught in Genesis is the best way. Let God the Spirit do His work in bringing conviction to men and leading them to Christ. 

David has come to an understanding that biblical prophecy, concerning the last days do not refer to the end of the material world but the end of the Jewish ages and rule by Moses brought about by the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple in 70 AD.  

David also realises that adherence to the teachings of Roman and Anglicanism come short of New Testament Christianity. A man must be born and this is not affected by water baptism and that a clear distinction must be made between the two. The new birth is necessary to see spiritual things 10 David teaches and believes the importance to take the bible literally where is speaks on literal things, like the creation, Noah's flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for by this means we build upon the revealed attributes and Character of God. As the Apostle Paul writes, Rom 1.20. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: An alternative title is, The Gospel According to David Clarke, a saved sinner. 

Religion & Spirituality
January 18
Bierton Particular Baptists
David Clarke

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