From Daddy, with Love

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A young man who grew up in war-ravaged Europe was captivated by the news of opportunity in America. He worked long and hard to earn money to pay the fare on a ship to the ‘promised land’. Knowing it would take many days to cross the Atlantic, he filled his trunk with food. But soon he realized the food was spoiling and the bread moldy. He so wished he could afford to pay for the meals in the dining room! Maybe he could work for the chef in exchange for food. How humiliating to have to beg! On his way to the kitchen, an older man came by and struck up a conversation with him. As the aroma of cooking food floated out into the passageway, the man said, “Please join us for dinner. My wife and I have seats at the Captain’s table, and there is plenty of room.” Embarrassed, the gaunt young man blurted out, “Sir, I cannot pay for the meals. Excuse me” . . . and he hurried off. “Wait!” the man was saying, “The meals are included in the cost of the fare. They are part of the package. Come, let’s eat!” Was this a joke? Stunned he turned back, muttering, “I had no idea! Nobody told me.”

Do you have any idea of all the amazing, satisfying and precious gifts that are included in God’s Salvation package, that are totally and absolutely free? Better still, the whole package is completely free, paid for by Jesus Christ at infinite cost. We don’t have to work for it, deserve it or beg for it. All we have to do is “get on board” by forsaking our sin and guilt, and receiving His new life. I hope the message of this book will set you on the most exciting adventure you cannot even imagine, here on this earth, and in the heavenly home that our dear, loving Father (Daddy) is preparing for us, where there is no more sickness, sadness or fear! Come, join me!

Religion & Spirituality
July 14
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