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Sandra Moyer’s preschool is struggling, so when her sister suggests allowing a super-famous actor to research his latest role there, she reluctantly agrees. Except the actor turns out to be Ben Capshaw—a playboy who’s never serious, always joking around, and who knows zero about kids or being a parent. Case in point: his involvement in the untimely death of the preschool’s class pet…

Ben is enjoying teaching more than he thought he would, but that doesn’t mean he’s looking for a permanent position. Sure, he’s ready for more serious movie roles and less goofing off, but the buttoned-up, beautiful Sandra and her young daughter are more than he bargained for. Plus, Sandra still won’t trust him—what if it’s all an act, research for the role? As the lines between make-believe and reality blur, Ben will have to decide if love is worth casting aside the role of his life for a new role…that could last a lifetime.

June 6
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

BookSnuggle ,

Sweet and Fun Romance

If you are looking for a clean-romance, this one is sweet and fun. I enjoyed watching Sandra and Ben's relationship develop. The author did a great job of incorporating humor, chemistry, and heartwarming moments.

"From Fake to Forever" by Jennifer Shirk is an Entangled: Bliss romance. This is, single mom, Sandra Moyer and, movie star, Ben Capshaw's story.

Sandra wants to make a great life for her daughter. She and her sister have opened a preschool. The preschool is very important to Sandra. Opening the preschool is a perfect way for Sandra provide financial support and time with her daughter. Sandra is still getting over the betrayal of her ex-husband. She has no time for a relationship even though she wants a real family or does she?

Ben Capshaw is a movie star and wants a role in a movie with children. He knows nothing about kids. His agent sets up a deal at a Sandra's preschool through Sandra's sister. Ben comes across as a guy that doesn't take things seriously and doesn't believe he could be a family man.

Sandra and Ben didn't hit it off when they first met each other, but there was still an attraction between them. This is a sweet and clean romance, but isn't lacking in chemistry. Both Ben and Sandra have issues with relationships. Will they be able to overcome these issues for a chance at love? This story will have you laughing, enjoying the sexual banter, and at times feeling the insecurities of Sandra and Ben. This story is perfect for sitting by the pool, beach, or in your favorite place to read.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review from NetGalley/Entangled Publishing.

glhince ,

a story that will leave you with a smile and warm fuzzies.

Divorced single mum Sandra is still reeling from her ex’s demonstrated lack of connection and concern for their daughter, Hannah, and she’s made several life-changes to ensure stability and happiness. Opening a pre-school has been a struggle, but with the help of her sister and friend, she’s able to keep it all together, make ends meet and never seems to doubt her choices – at least so it appears.

Ben Capshaw is an actor with his eyes on a new role, one that will bring him that Oscar nod and cement his position on the Hollywood A-List. His agent has arranged a position for him to research and interact with children, and it just so happens to come with a fat check for Sandra’s school, Storybook Land, even if she is completely in the dark.

Of course their first meeting is with Ben at his most disreputable: unkempt beard, long hair and Sandra doesn’t recognize him, in fact she is ready to call the police ON him, but as he is stuck in a toddler’s slide tube at the park is sufficient restraint. But then..

The morning arrives – and Ben is causing disruption: killing a classroom pet, Carol and Melissa (her teachers) vying for his attention, and an obvious novice with kids, Sandra isn’t swayed. Slowly, however, we see the two getting closer as friends- spending time and sharing pasts. Sandra’s willingness to brush aside attraction as he’s another actor like her ex-husband is soon disproved when she learns Ben’s story, and starts to trust in him. But she is fragile and tentative, and with a sudden and unexpected early disappearance, it seems she was right.

But Ben couldn’t forget the ‘home’ he felt with Sandra, or the adoration he held for Hannah – and couldn’t understand how her father could just abandon her. He’s wanting more, more than he ever thought desirable for himself, but his history, his profession and even his quick disappearance work against him. While their connection felt plausible, it was rather insta-lust that was given a chance to step back and become a solid friendship, showing the interactions and camaraderie they shared. Sandra’s reactions were understandable – it wasn’t only her heart involved, but Hannah’s and she has tried to always shield the four year old from the harsher realities of life. Her pulling away from Ben, and her belief that no-one saw any different were shattered in an instant, as was his determination to see her school succeed.

Quick, light and clean the story isn’t full of great angst or huge revelations, but a story that will leave you with a smile and warm fuzzies.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

SBart79 ,

A Fun Sweet Romance

A sweet fun romance, that will have you falling love with Ben, too. Ben is a movie actor, researching for his next movie role in a small preschool. Sandra is the co-owner of the preschool and mother to Hannah. The cutest little girl. Sandra is not going to open her heart up again to an actor, been there done that. There is an instant attraction between Ben and Sandra, but they both try to deny it but find it hard fighting it off. Now they need to decide if their love is fake or forever.

The perfect beach read that will leave you smiling. Loved Ben's babysitting antics, was laughing out loud. I highly recommend this book be added to your summer reading list. I received this book from netgalley for an honest review.

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