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A story of hope, love and determination…

In 2010, at the age of 37, he began feeling a “constant ticking” inside his body, completely unaware that what he was feeling was a virtual “time bomb” that could explode at any moment. Seven months later when diagnosed with a rare and malignant form of “The C Word,” he quietly reassured himself that time was his ally, while constantly battling against the growing tide of voices whispering, “Don’t wait; you might be too late!”

In the multiple award-winning, “From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story,” (a narrative so vivid you can feel the emotion), author Matt D. Talford straps you into the front seat, and takes you on a journey through The War on Cancer, sharing the physical, mental and spiritual tools he used to help reverse what he referred to as “a slow death,” and illustrates how courage, a positive attitude, and the right game plan can help anyone overcome any situation, no matter how grave.

Written in a style that had one reader comment, “I thought I was reading a novel,” From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story, is not the typical memoir. When asked to describe the book, Talford called it, “A saga that I hope will inspire everyone who reads it to take charge of their situation, and understand that fear in the negative produces negative outcomes, while faith in the positive brings about positive outcomes. Every individual has the power to create their own realities – they just have to believe in them!”

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March 19
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SmoothScars5893 ,

From Fear To Faith

This is the story of a man who went through the daunting task of fighting cancer. Other than the story itself there is a lot that a reader can take in from the authors experience. First off the author throughout the book chose not to use the word cancer but referred to it as the "C Word" therefore never letting cancer become something that consumes him. As a reader this stood out to me because cancer is a very serious circumstance but going through the story it never changed the author as a person. He maintained good relationships and still did what he loved to do which was play tennis which allowed him to remain in good spirits while battling his health issues. Seeing the grace in which he dealt with the "C Word" brought me to reflect on how I deal with my own personal trials and showed me how I can not be controlled by trials and to overcome them also with grace. As he dealt with the "C Word" the story really lived up to its title as Faith was something that carried the author through a difficult time in his life. Probably one he could look back on and be proud of for the way he handled it as the "C Word" wasn't something that got the best of him and impacted his life in a negative way. Looking at my own life after reading his story I can be reminded when facing my own trials whether big or small that I too can overcome what I don't allow to take over me and live in a manner that is graceful each day. From Fear To Faith not only is a good story but a good reference in how the reader too can make that kind of journey in life with whatever is faced.

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