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From “I CAN’T BREATHE" to ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’, How George Floyd’s Tragic Death Changed America - The Complete Diary of the Events by David Serero

May 25, 2020, is a date that no one will ever forget. That day, we all saw the terrible death of George Floyd on social media. Sitting at the computer in his New York apartment, opera singer, producer, and author David Serero witnessed this horrific video, which went viral and made headlines on every news channel. Never had he ever seen a man agonizing and begging for his life under the knee of a Police officer in the United States of America, and thus in the 21st century. He was outraged and sad. This behavior was unacceptable, indeed criminal, and righteously prosecuted as such. As a Jew, it immediately reminded him of photos of Nazis who proudly killed Jews during the Holocaust. Although he didn't know yet the details of Floyd’s arrest, he knew it was not right. Following George Floyd's tragic death, David Serero witnessed a series of events that he wanted to collect all within the same book, in the form of a Diary, to understand how the event led to another. He hopes that future generations will understand the escalation that led from an obvious crime to a protest, then to an American revolution, to hopefully a change for the better in a country still struggling with racism.

During the unprecedented time of the quarantine and lockdown, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and while strict rules of self-distancing were applied, thousands of Americans took to the streets to protest police brutality and support the Black Lives Matter movement. Some protesters were peaceful, others very violent, creating chaos, which ultimately required the presence of the National Guard and a curfew.

For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, George Floyd struggled for his life and mentioned his sadly known « I Can't Breathe...Mama...». David Serero’s « fact-based-only » Diary, covered the events day by day from the tragic death of George Floyd to the protests, also the looting and burning of businesses, the curfews, demolishing statues, burning the American Flag, reporters being rioted, Police officers being attacked while others showed their support by putting a knee down for George Floyd, and the Black Lives Matter movement. While some protesters showed their support for the police authorities, others provoked and attacked them. This prompted authorities to even request to 'defund the Police' and passing new bills in order to have officers liable for their actions, while...innocents civilians were brutally shot during the deadly weekend of Independence Day in several cities of America and thus by other civilians.

After reading this Dairy, you will find the 100 Questions that he calls « ILLOGICAL.» « Illogical » as the tragic death of George Floyd and other events. « Illogical » because we have the solutions in our hands, but no one wishes to use them. « Illogical » because these questions shouldn't be asked since we modestly think that we have learned the lessons of our history, and therefore, had already solved this matter. He decided to call them « The ILLOGICAL 100 » and hopes that it will open a healthy dialogue and reflection for everyone to debate in the most peaceful manner.

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