From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black and White Conversion Technique Known to Man

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Black and white conversion techniques are like politicians making election promises: every one of them claims to be the penultimate solution to your needs. Regardless of their claims, you still need to create images that look like photographs and not like something the viewer sees as “something you did in Photoshop.”
There are numerous ways to convert an image from color to hues of gray. But which one works best–and why–are questions that may be asked but are rarely if ever answered. Vincent Versace will show you some of the best ways to convert an image to black and white without ever leaving the RGB color space. In this book, you will learn which methods give you the best results and when to choose a simple or a complex solution.  Different images have different needs as they are converted to black and white, and Vincent covers them all, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to create amazing, timeless black and white images–and teach the reader how to do the same. From Oz to Kansas includes coverage of Adobe Photoshop and Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro. Vincent explores all the options in Photoshop for converting color images to black and white, and discusses the merits of each, including when one conversion technique is more appropriate than another.
Versace shares the knowledge he's gained from decades of research and real-world experience to help the reader take black and white images from "good enough" to fine art quality.
Master black and white fine art photographer, Photoshop expert, and master printer Vincent Versace delivers the book that fans and readers have long been waiting for: a comprehensive reference and set of tutorials covering the best ways to convert color images into stunning black and white photographs.

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August 10
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LA5565 ,

From Oz to Kansas

Good read. This book has not been scheduled for release until 09/01/12. I found download link for image working files missing on my downloaded copy and is incomplete. Contacted author and he was not aware of this or that it had been posted to iTunes store. I would rate it at 5 stars otherwise.

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