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Are you seeking a way out of your current circumstances? Whether you are in a pit, a prison, or a palace, there is always room to grow as a follower of Christ. 

The biblical story of Joseph is full of wisdom that can transform every season and situation of your life, and in her masterful work, From Prison to Palace: Overcoming Challenges and Rising to the Top, author Claudette Glaude-Scott explores the life of Joseph and what believers can learn from the significant spiritual challenges he faced. 

From being thrown into a pit to living in a prison cell, Joseph experienced some of the lowest moments as a child of God. Still, he had a divine purpose to fulfill, and God gave him the strength to live with integrity even in the presence of unforeseeable obstacles. With Scott’s profound ability to communicate the heart of God, you’ll learn how you can handle the most difficult hardships with grace and courage and walk into your calling. 

Through her insightful teaching, Scott will open your eyes to the wisdom found in Joseph’s actions and encourage you to learn from the mistakes of Joseph’s family members. Discover powerful parenting advice as you meet Jacob, Joseph’s father, and learn how to lovingly interact with your enemies, as Joseph did with his brothers. You also meet Potiphar’s wife, who will tempt you to sin; and you will be faced with the opportunity to forgive those who have wronged you, just like Joseph.

You have the chance to overcome your challenges and rise to the top. From Prison to Palace will inspire you to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit as you walk into your God-given destiny, like Joseph, and discover your position as a leader in the body of Christ.

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October 16
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