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Don’t Get Friend Zoned! Use The Imaginative Approaches In This Texting Guide To Get Girls To Hang Out Or Hook Up. Includes…

• A master class in turning ambivalence into full-on romantic and sexual desire.

• A guide to texts and phrases that turn women on.

• Developing a sense of texting humor that makes girls want to hang out with you.

• The principles of confident, alpha-male texting.

• “Small talk” texting techniques that get her to respond quickly.

• Turn-around texting tactics that will stop her from friend zoning you.

• How to avoid conversational dead-ends with the concept of “multiple threads.”

• A catalog of 300+ witty texts you can send and call your own.

• Dozens of inventive emoticons that will make girls smile and laugh.

The First Section Of The Book Starts With The Ten Most Effective Ways Of Getting Her Phone Number.

Because really, you can’t text her without it. Includes word-for-word dialogs with scenarios for getting her number without even asking for it. 

The Second Section Answers Every Guy’s Nightmare: She Gave You Her Number But She’s Not That Into You.

Turn her around! With tons of live text examples you’ll learn how to:

• Use the concepts of ‘assuming rapport’ and callback humor to create instant likeability.

• Avoid getting friend-zoned. 

• Use the Eleven Rules Of Texting Ambivalent Girls.

• Use special ‘unclogger’ texts to get her to respond.

• Come up with something clever to say that ignites her interest.

Can’t figure out how to text ambivalent girls? It’s all in this chapter. 

Next: What If She’s Into You? Don’t Blow It.

Use the flirty texting techniques in this texting guide to amp up the sexual and romantic tension. With dozens of actual texting examples you’ll learn how to:

• Be decisive without veering into dickishness.

• Use the timing of your texts to increase her desire.

• Use conversational ideas that are fun to text like, “If you were a vampire who would you bite to survive?”

Next In The Ultimate Texting Guide: Don’t Texturbate!

That’s when your phone gets more action than you do. You didn’t get her number to knit text threads into adorable little sweaters. Ask her to hang out! In this section you’ll learn…

• The #1 rule of text romance: Call, don’t text, to ask her out. You won’t believe how impressive that is to girls used to guys hiding behind their texts.

• An amazing body language trick you can use over the phone that will eliminate all nervousness.

• How to start the conversation when she picks up.

Next: You Went Out. Now What? Effective Post-Date Flirt Texting.

Scenario #1: It Went Well And You Want Another Date.

Scenario #2: It Didn’t Go Well And You Want Redemption.

Scenario #3: It Didn’t Go Well And You Don’t Want Another--But She Does.

You’ll get strategies for each of these scenarios so you can hang a “Mission Accomplished” sign over your bed. Take text flirting to the next level!

What If You’re Only In It For The Sex?

This is your chapter if she’s doable but not dateable. This step-by-step texting guide is like using Google Maps to get to Pound Town—it’s always right and it gets you there quickly. 

Bonus Section! A Catalog of 350 Witty Texts.

Can’t come up with anything clever to say because you’re choking on brain farts? Use this collection of flirty texts. Classified by 19 dating circumstances, there are no clichés, lame poems or cheesy pickup lines. 

Bonus Section! A Collection Of Hysterical Emoticons.

If you make her laugh you’re halfway up her leg. So use these emoticons to put a smile on her face.

Table flipping: (╯°□°)╯ ︵ ┻━┻ 

Shrug Face: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 

Say what? w( °o °)w 

No, really. Tell me more. (_ _)Zzz. 

Learn how to text a girl. Scroll up, click the buy button, and get started today! 

This installment of How To Text A Girl is part of The Flirty Text Message Series.

December 21
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