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Inspired by true historical events, From the Ashes is the unforgettable story of a tortured man, torn between his ideals, the iron fist of Stalinism and the woman he loves.

Marlene has no love lost for the Soviet occupying forces, who turn out to be every bit as cruel as the Nazis were. Living in constant fear of the Russian soldiers, she works in a hospital to make ends meet, where she meets Werner, a cold-hearted career politician.

Werner, a German émigré to Moscow, returns to his hometown with the highest hopes for a better future. Sent by the communist party to bring freedom, wealth and happiness to the people, he's soon caught in a moral conflict between loyalty to his party and his conscience.

When Marlene criticizes the communist regime, she becomes the target of powerful men. Oblivious to the danger for her own life, she refused to back down, and there's only one thing Werner can do to save her life: defy the party line.

But will he be able to shed decades of indoctrination for the woman he loves? And what will become of him if he does? Because those who speak up against the regime, usually find themselves on a train to Siberia or worse.

From the bestselling author of the 'War Girls Series' comes this nail-biting story about Berlin sliding into the Cold War shortly after Wold War Two has ended.

Fiction & Literature
November 29
Marion Kummerow
Draft2Digital, LLC

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photobyjb ,

From the Ashes

In the famous words of Yogi Berra, New York Yankees and New York Mets baseball player and manager, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over”. Peace is a relative thing. Perhaps the bombs have stopped falling on Berlin, but the ‘allies’, particularly the Soviets, are still trying to take over territory. As usual Ms. Kummerow does an excellent job capturing the sense of the times. Danger and deprivation still exists in Berlin after fighting has stopped.

Old guy in Fla ,

From the Ashes by Marion Kummerow

Every book I’ve read by Marion Kummerow has been more impressive than the last - her research alone must take months & she travels for even more digging truths from the past! The past being the overwhelmingly tragic history of Hitler’s Natzi death camps where generations of Jews & political dissidents were exterminated! In From the Ashes, Ms Kummerow tells of Berlin after the WWII & how the Soviets pillaged the city & stole from Berliners who were living in rubble & starving in order to collect “reparations” to pay Russia back for losses incurred during the war. The 3 other allies arrived & the Soviets thwarted every attempt to bring freedom & democracy to Berliners & the country as a whole! There is a love story & you’ll be surprised at which of Marion’s characters turns the tide in favor of the allies! QUESTION FOR THE AUTHOR: Is there another novel to follow the lives of Marlene, Werner, Zara, Brunei & Brig. General Harris. We, of course, kmow of Lottie’s story from the War Girls books. You won’t be sorry to read all of Ms. Kummerow’s WWII novels - they are the best - eye opening, edge of your seat drama at every turn of the page!

Carol R.

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