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The book of Nehemiah is the account of one of the most fascinating periods of Hebrew history, and features the leadership of one of the most interesting men in the Bible. Following the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, the children of Israel faced overwhelming odds if they were to survive as a civilization and a religion. Their attempts to repopulate and rebuild their capital city of Jerusalem had fallen flat. What they needed was an inspirational leader who could capture the imagination of the people sufficiently to unite them in establishing a foundation for their future. The man God raised up for this task was an unlikely hero named Nehemiah. Nehemiah wasn’t a prophet, priest, or king. He had no miraculous powers, but he had a heart for God and a determination to get things done, and that was plenty.

In this commentary, Pastor Jack Abeelen takes us on a verse by verse journey through the book of Nehemiah, relaying this fascinating story with special attention given to its application for leadership in the church today. There is an abundance of literature that has been published to address leadership within the church. Most of these books are approaching leadership from a secular viewpoint, applying business principles to the church based on what seems to work. This book doesn’t take that approach. Jack analyzes the story of Nehemiah, and the leadership principles found therein, and weaves throughout the story many other Scriptures that support the leadership lessons of Nehemiah. Thus, it is not just isolated conclusions drawn from one book of the Bible, but a comprehensive treatment of biblical leadership from the entire Bible with a spotlight on Nehemiah. It is thoroughly practical for anyone involved in Christian leadership in any context.

Jack Abeelen is a highly effective communicator of the Scriptures, as can be attested by the many thousands of people who listen to his nationwide daily radio broadcasts on Growing Thru Grace and who attend his church, Morningstar Christian Chapel. There are many good Bible teachers out there, but Jack stands out for me because he is a man who isn’t playing a part or conducting a performance. When Jack talks about the leadership principles of Nehemiah he is talking about, not only what he believes, but what he practices. I enjoyed reading this book not just because of what it says, as good as that is, but because of who is saying it. Jack is a man who practices what he preaches, which gives this book special value.

May God use this book to inspire you in your service to God as you seek to lead His people in whatever capacity to which He calls you.

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January 1
Morningstar Christian Chapel
Morningstar Christian Chapel

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