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A letter to America from Your Daughter. 

Created Exclusively for Apple Books, this poetry and art experience looks at the lack in the systems built in our American culture from the perspective of the American Daughter. A quick follow up to the We, Women We, one act play created with the intent of expressing the internal and external components of the female psyche. While personal, moments are universal in concepts for women throughout our history: the general anxiety, ferocity and power women are sharing in the cultural, digital revolution. The hope is healing can be established with the moments of rest, profound stillness of mind and recognition of the power of ones own voice. We are our stories yes, but we are also creatures from the stars on this Earth plane: the female Light in human form.

About this Experience:

From Your American Daughter is a follow-up to the we Women we experience. Wild enough, as I was about to press publish on the latter, very specific current events within The Great American Conversation surrounding women, trauma, sexual assault, the #metoo movement continued the national outcry, as so many women’s stories continued to come forward- and that was my entire thesis for we Women we

My family line, on many sides, have been in the United States since the birth of the colonies. I have had relatives hold a variety of positions over the centuries; including pastors, teachers, musicians, business innovators, many public servants, and multiples in the private sectors; land owners, cattle ranchers, singers, spiritualists, warriors and war ravaged, entrepreneurs, widowed and very well educated- so many volunteers: because this is America, the land of opportunity. 

Except, I have personally found, for your Daughter. We [the collective American] have been so focused on the Fathers, we have forgotten our Daughters. The systems created and established leave no room for these special beings: females. The voices of your daughters have been silenced no more.

-Victoria Lee Case

Fiction & Literature
April 14
Victoria Lee Case
Victoria Case

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