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A brand-new collection from America’s leading authority on Mexican cooking.

For years, fans have urged Rick Bayless to collect recipes for his prized margaritas, guacamoles, and snacks in one book. Now Rick shares 35 new and classic margaritas, including his version of the perfect margarita, the popular Topolo Margarita, and modern variations made with Mezcal. There’s a margarita for every budget, taste, and season, including the Quintessential Strawberry Margarita. Rick also provides a guacamole recipe for each month of the year, such as a summer guacamole with grilled sweet corn and roasted jalapenos. As added bonuses, Rick suggests aqua fresca cocktails, with fresh fruit juices, and offers recipes for nut and vegetable snacks. Each recipe is written with the kind of exact and easy-to-follow directions that guarantee great results every time. Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles, and Snacks is a must-have for anyone who has eaten at Rick’s restaurants or just can’t resist the undeniable pleasure of a margarita and its perfect complements.

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November 5
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Customer Reviews

Sullivans Papa ,

I will buy this book!

My second career is in Culinary, Baking and Cooking; at home and as a full time job. I read and view a lot of online videos and am always scoping out cookbooks, subscribe to numerous recipe related blogs.
I get a copy of a prospective Title from my local library which has saved me a lot of money. Some cookbooks are well designed with color photos, Tips etc. And some coobooks allegedly written by celebrity Chefs are poorly written with incorrect or missing info.

I’m a fan of Rick Bayless, have been for years, subscribe to his Tacos Tuesday YouTube blog, have a few of his older cookbooks, visit his rickbayless.com website for FREE recipes and even visited his Frontera restaurant last year (fabulous food!).
Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles, and Snacks is informative, chatty, with lot of color photos and teaches you alot about tequila, mezcal, avocados, etc. It’s like having Rick Bayless mentoring you personally.
I will buy this book!

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