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What if Anna and Elsa never knew each other?
As the future Queen of Arendelle, Princess Elsa's life is full of expectation and responsibility—not to mention, questions. What type of ruler will she be? When will she have to pick a suitor? And why has she always harbored the feeling that some critical piece of herself is missing?

Following the unexpected death of her parents, Elsa is forced to answer those questions sooner than she'd hoped, becoming the sole ruler of her kingdom and growing lonelier than ever. But when mysterious powers begin to reveal themselves, Elsa starts to remember fragments of her childhood that seem to have been erased—pieces that include a very familiar-looking girl. Determined to fill the void she has always felt, Elsa must take a harrowing journey across her icy kingdom to undo a terrible curse . . . and find the missing Princess of Arendelle.

Young Adult
October 1
Disney Book Group
Disney Electronic Content, Inc.

Customer Reviews

pupsandcats ,

Conceal don’t feel

I really liked this book and how it made you know how it was if Anna did not know Elsa.

Disneycutie ,

Love it!!

Such and amazing book. I like how they did follow the story line to a certain extent but had some parts twisted. Loved it!!! Definitely recommend. Excited to read the rest of the series.

TanyaEm ,

Love my first TT by Jen!

Frozen + Twisted Tale (why, yes, I AM Captain Obvious today)

My synopsis for this one will be shorter than usual. Take what you know about Frozen. Only this time Anna had to go away after THAT fateful night. And nobody except Elsa and Anna’s parents know. And we all know what happens to THEM!

Look, I’m old. I prefer Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and all the classic Disney movies. Anything past Toy Story or Bug’s Life and I probably haven’t seen it. But I have nephews and have been dragged to movies. Frozen (and Zootopia) are the two I have liked. And that durn “Let it Go” is SO catchy!

I really enjoy the Twisted Tale series as a lover of retellings! This is my first one by Jen, and I feel she was phenomenal in keeping true to what the original characters were about. She also was amazing at character-building, as I loathed the villains here far more than I did originally! Looking forward to reading her other TTs and Fairy Tale Reform School series!

Buy this for yourself or any other retelling fanatics! And if you’re twisted—well, perfect!

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