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Can she trust the men promising to save her?

"Just because one of you carries his scars on the outside, doesn't mean that the rest of you don't have them. Unbroken people don't live in a house together with their colleagues. They have lives, families. They don't take in strays."

Emily never expected to find herself on the street and looking for a place to stay. A park bench doesn't seem very inviting in the depths of winter.

Her luck changes when a mysterious stranger offers her shelter. It seems too good to be true, and when she meets his other two house mates, she starts to question if he's the good Samaritan he seems to be.

Staying means things she couldn't even dream of, but could mean a broken heart if the dream shatters. Going means facing the dangers of the winter streets. Can she make the impossible choice? And will she make the right one?

A contemporary reverse harem set in Edinburgh, Scotland featuring a strong and independent heroine, three charismatic men, spies (although they don't like that word) fighting organised crime, very steamy scenes and nail-biting action.

Warning: There are some scenes that readers may find triggering.

This is a full-length, standalone novel that's part of the Defiance trilogy: 

Three books, three women, three real-life stories. These dark contemporary reverse harem romances can be read individually or as part of the series. They are loosely connected by side characters and settings, but they each have a different heroine, theme and love interests.

Frozen Heart
Broken Spirit
Stolen Soul (coming soon)


August 25
Peryton Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Bzangl ,

One of my faves!

A short version of this story titles “Streets of Winter” was in the Snow and Seduction anthology, so if it sms familiar you might have read parts their, but this in an extended version and is even better. MacKinnon really gets you in the feels :) when this book starts Em is living on the streets. MacKinnon does an excellent job of portraying the plight of the homeless, without making it feel preachy. I liked Em, she ends up on the streets, but she doesn’t blame others and she takes the precautions she can. She’s a smart, but has made poor decisions and at times trusted people she shouldn’t. I liked that she doesn’t trust the guys immediately. I like that the guys understand her and don’t push her beyond what she is comfortable with. Great story!

Dr. Beth ,

Intimidating, intense and thought provoking RH book

This one is a little different from the RH story’s of Shye’s that I’m used to reading. It was a little darker and grittier and actually quite sad in parts. Definitely very intense. It certainly gives the reader a lot to think about. And I honestly just couldn’t put it down.
Emily was a college graduate who had been in an abusive relationship. But when that when bad, she found herself broke and homeless...resorting to begging in the streets. Thankfully, her life turned back around, due to the goodness of a secret organization. It even with thing getting better, Em seems to find herself in danger and hurt over and over...and none of it is her doing at all. Just kinda unlucky. Thank goodness for the decent ending and the love of three great guys, Ben, Luther and Alistair.

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