Fruition: How Great Ideas Come to Life

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Publisher Description

How often do you find yourself saying “Great idea”? All the time, right? Now, how often do those ideas actually become reality? Rarely. Why is that? Is it because there are not many great ideas in the world? Or is there something else standing in the way?

Fruition: How Great Ideas Come to Life is the first book to uncover what it takes to turn your great idea into a great thing. Unlike other books and frameworks which only present lists of techniques to try when creating and selling your idea, Fruition gets to the bottom of what differentiates successful great ideas – those that become a reality – from all those that did not. The authors leverage their decades of research and experience to teach you the fundamentals for how to successfully bring your great ideas to fruition.

* Discover how almost anyone can have great ideas by tapping into the 3 Senses Model of ideation™.

* Learn common failure points for fruition and why most ideas remain unrealized.

* Uncover the 6 Efforts System of Idea Fruition™ that all successful ideators take on, and understand why each is critical to your success.

* For each of the 6 Efforts you need to have to bring your idea to life, we share dozens of techniques and strategies.

This book is for anyone who feels like they have great ideas but are stuck – or don’t even know where to start. It is perfect for leaders who want to empower their teams to discover more great ideas and navigate the complicated process of selling them within an organization. Whether your idea is the next billion-dollar product, a process improvement for your workplace, a movement to mobilize a community, or a way to make the parent group at your child’s school function better – this will empower you to successfully navigate the journey to fruition.

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April 9
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