Full Circle

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Charley Rice has the guy all the girls want, but when swimming star, Dylan Sloan shows his true self, it’s Charley that pays the price. 

Cash Montgomery comes to her rescue but Charley knows she needs to stand on her own and leave the small town of Grassy Pond to rediscover the girl she once was.

When Dylan resurfaces in her life she must decide if she will reveal the truth or keep Dylan’s secrets to herself. But if she reveals the truth will anyone be left standing by her side?

Young Adult
June 16
Casey Peeler
Casey Peeler

Customer Reviews

Dreamer0991 ,

Forever in love with this series!!!

The title of the series says it all...Full Circle
Book 1
Charley just broke up with the bad boy Dylan Sloan and is turn trying to rediscover herself. While the swimmer is away from home living up the college life she meets another group of friends and Joe Olson. Thinking her luck has changed and she's getting back to herself she gets a letter from her best friend Cash that just might change everything. It's always been Charley and cash money, her closest friend that is there through everything. Thing is is there more than friendship there? If they take the next step what does it mean with her at college and him at home? Follow this awesome love story where best friends may just turn into lovers!

Book 2
Dylan Sloan thought he had the upper hand when it came to Charley. Walking back into her life like nothing happened and thinking an apology is going to work he sets to get her back...well when you think about it just hurt her more. Charley must come to the decision with the help of the Kluft girls and Cash to finally end the nightmare that is Dylan Sloan.

I have fallen in love with this series and can't get enough! What more could you ask for than country music, friends, and country boys!!!

Book 3
With a conclusion from book 2 Charley has made her bed and she must decide to finish it or get out. She made a plan to bring down Dylan Sloan after a night that nearly broke her. While trying to find herself after leaving for college and coming to terms with possibly being in love with her best friend, Charley must decide to leave Dylan in her past and move on with cash money or continue to let Sloan be a constant ghost in this battle of life. This book is filled with so much emotion and it's hard not to fall in love with cash money who is every girls country dream! We need more cash money's and Charley's in this world! Somewhere out there these people really do exist or at least I would like to think they do! Lol!
This has been an amazing series that comes to a conclusion and Charley comes full circle. So must heart break and trials she has come to face has been battled and won. You are hooked in book 1 and from there it's all down hill as you completely fall in these books!!!

By far my favorite series!!!!

ChellyPeeler ,

LOVE this series!

Sweet southern life and hot country boys all wrapped up in one box set. Follow Charley on her journey, the ups and downs of her small town life, and watch her grow.

Addicakes ,

Very Good

Very Good. A little boring in some spots but overall very good story line.

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