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It’s the night before the unbeaten State College Crocodiles take on our own Eastside Eagles in the annual rivalry game. There’s a lot riding on the line, and we’ll need every edge we can get. As the head of the cheerleading squad, it’s my job to do everything I can to help our team win. So tonight, myself and one of my hottest, horniest cheerleader girlfriends are going to pay the Crocodiles a visit. They’re supposed to get a good rest to get ready for the game, but our plan is to keep them up late. If we can get them to f**k and suck the night away, and make them too tired to play tomorrow, we just might stand a chance!

Warning: This 4,900-word story contains graphic depictions of two girls who are willing to do anything to help their team get ahead! Includes oral sex, anal sex, double and triple penetration, cum swallowing, creampie-eating, and mind-blowing orgasms.

* * *

“There’s plenty to go around, boys,” I said, hiking up my skirt and running a finger underneath the thin black lace of my panties. “The more the merrier!”

I got to my knees and led Chad over to the couch. He sat down on it and kicked his pants off, and I got down on all fours in front of him as the others moved in. Hands began exploring my backside, kneading and gripping the firm flesh of my ass. I spread my legs wide as someone else pulled my panties down, and I heard a low whistle.

“Oh, man, she’s wet!” someone said. “She’s ready to go!” I heard the sound of a door opening and closing, and low voices as more men came into the room.

Bring them on, I thought. This was what I was looking forward to the most. Not the cheer squad, not the competition, or the games, or even the times that I got to f**k Tabitha… This was it. I could smell the arousal in the air, feel the energy building up, and knew that I was going to get f****d every which way. I loved the feeling of hands on my ass, mouths on my t**s, cocks in my c**t and ass, balls on my chin as I sucked the milky cum out of a throbbing cock… For me, this was heaven, and I was about to be on cloud nine.

I took Chad back into my mouth, and he dug his hands into my hair, pulling me forward onto his cock as Jared, a dark-haired player with a throbbing cock poking out of a thick thatch of black hair at his crotch, came forward. He mounted me from behind, sliding the head of his cock at the edge of my pussy. I was on fire with lust and desire, and the heat in my pussy was spreading through my entire body. My dress was bunched up around my waist, someone had pushed down to free my t**s and up away from my ass and pussy. William began pulling my panties down, and I felt the lacy black material travel over my ass, down my thighs, and under my knees.

“F**k me deep!” I said, and was able to spread my legs even wider now that the panties were gone. Jared responded, sinking his cock all the way inside me in smooth stroke, and I groaned as I felt him push his way inside me, deep and hard. He began to ride me, and I pushed myself back against him as we worked into a rhythm, trying to match his motions. Jared’s fingers dug into my hips as he began moving me on his cock, harder, faster, and deeper.

Chad gripped my hair tightly, and sat still while the force of Jared’s thrusting bobbed my entire body back and forth on his member. I kept my mouth open wide as my head plunged up and down along Chad’s prick, and I moaned with pleasure as I got f****d from both ends. My thighs were slick with my own arousal, warm wet drippings seeping down out of me and mixing with the sweat and precum of Jared’s f*****g.

Fiction & Literature
June 3
Penelope Wilson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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