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I bought her just to f**k her the way she deserved.

Brutal. Savage. Filthy.

As the son of the mob’s most powerful don, that’s all I’ve ever known.

Alina is merely the latest girl in a long line of my family’s possessions.

She’s a gorgeous European refugee, desperate for my protection.

Now, it’s my job to teach her how to fill her new role in the land of freedom…

On her knees.

At first, I thought she’d be just like the rest:

Forgettable. Disposable.

But something in her eyes tells me she is different.

Something in her trembling, innocent voice makes me want to wrap my arms around her and make all her troubles disappear.

So, somehow, I find myself in a new and unfamiliar role:

Her savior.

But protecting Alina means betraying my family.

And my father does not take kindly to treason.

He’s determined to draw me back into the life of cruelty I abandoned.

Even if he has to kill my woman to do it.

This is the first book in the Full House Series by Nicole Fox.

November 13
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Lorrielou37 ,

Short but good

The book is way to short but so far it’s been good. I’m interested to see if Michal can redeem all the bad things he’s done for his dad. Alina seems like a strong woman so I’m rooting for her to find a way to turn the tables on Iwan. Can’t wait to read the rest

G000girl ,

Full House by Nicole Fox. From WHR

Alina Jurek arrives in America with no funds, and no one she can count on. Steered towards a job by a sleazy customs agent, she interviews for a job with Iran Novak’s company. Michal Novak, Iran`s son picks Alina from the seven woman sent to interview.

Alina gets the job as a receptionist and has worked for a month when she is called by Iran to come one evening to a company warehouse. Alina witnessed some shady business dealings, and to cover for the business is forced to become a weekly delivery agent for the next six months. She has no other choice, she is a disposable person.

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