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New York Times-bestselling October Daye series • Hugo Award-winning author Seanan McGuire • "Top of my urban-paranormal series list!" —Felicia Day

Meet Quentin Sollys. Squire. Hockey fan. Canadian. And Crown Prince to the entire continent of North America, known as “the Westlands” to the fae, currently ruled by his parents, High King Aethlin and High Queen Maida. Not that most people know that, since he’s a blind foster squired to a changeling—not exactly something that screams “hidden royalty.”

But with a new Queen on the throne in the Mists, his parents have finally come to town to see how he’s doing…and to take him home with them. That’s going to be a problem, since Quentin doesn’t particularly want to leave, and his knight, Sir October Daye, doesn’t particularly want to let him go.

Set after Chimes at Midnight and before The Winter Long, it’s finally time to meet the parents in our first-ever story narrated by Quentin himself.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 2

Customer Reviews

Alice Bentley ,

When side-kicks become the main event

This is a lovely addition to the long, eventful October Daye series, and manages that trickiest of tasks: fitting seamlessly in with the complex tapestry of an ongoing story while standing on its own just fine.
While there are a lot of characters for someone new to the story, there is enough interaction with each to establish them as people, and not just passing names. Meanwhile, folks who have already encountered the many novels and stories in the series are treated to a particularly charming reunion with old friends.

Mercuras ,

Fascinating interplay of wishes, needs and the requirements of power

People with political power over others will always need to be looking at their decisions in a balanced, "big picture" manner, and it was riveting to watch as Quentin and his parents approached to complex issue of What Next.

His visit with Dean afterward complemented the many conversations nicely.

Archangel Beth ,

Delightful short story

Read in order with the main series; it requires knowledge of characters.

It is a short story or novella: I cranked the font way up on my iPad & got 100 pages out of it. (Non-correctable eyesight issues = big font.)

It is a delight. Witty characters being witty. Minor social-only conflict; no one bleeds! (Seriously! & Toby is in it! She gets to eat & not bleed!)

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