Fullness of Joy that Only Comes with Salvation

Becoming a Holy Spirit-Led, Manifest Child of God, Who Ignites Unstoppable, Joyful, Revival Fires of Supernatural Power

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The salvation found in Jesus Christ of Nazareth was not only meant to be Hell-fire Insurance. God planned for us to carry on what Jesus started with this race we are running. When Jesus ascended after conquering sin and the grave, He was passing the baton to His many brethren (Romans 8:29). But how well is the Church carrying that baton and running the race Jesus and His apostles did?

Fullness of Joy that Only Comes with Salvation is the first in a series meant to prepare believers for the next great revival. It's about what it really means to be saved, and how there is great joy found in living as a child of God! With a focus on this joy, the book dives deep into these topics:

The state of our broken world: what God intended, what the enemy did, and what is our part
What it really means to be saved
The temple and the sacrifice
Living as a child of God and joint-heir with Christ
You are more like Christ than fallen Adam
Experiencing the fullness of joy
Being a person of faith, hope, and love
Understanding water baptism
The wonder of being a new creation and ambassador of God
The freedom that comes from laying down your life
What it looks like to bear God's fruit
The joy of abiding in Christ

Don't forget to get the accompanying workbook (either as a free download within the book, or you can purchase the print edition online). The thought-provoking questions and action steps will help you apply the truths from Fullness of Joy that Only Comes with Salvation.

Revival Fire-Starters Series Information:

Surely you have read, recorded from the very mouth of our Savior, that we are destined for even greater works than He (John 14:12). This series of books is meant to equip our generation for those greater works. Each book is a lesson in discipleship with many keys, hidden gems, and revelations from scripture you may have never heard emphasized in this way.

The idea is that you would become a Holy Spirit-led, manifest child of God, who ignites unstoppable, joyful, revival fires of supernatural power! Yes, that's a mouthful, but it barely describes the goal of this series. Let’s break it down.

These books will help you:

listen to and obey the Holy Spirit
represent God and His glory as His child
carry the fire of God into your family, community, workplace, school, and wherever you go.

These Holy Ghost fires will spread, and no one can put them out. They are fires which are full of joy, fires that draw people to desire God (where they experience Him, and they don’t want to leave His presence), and fires of supernatural power to bring deliverance, healing, restoration, and transformation!

"Fullness of Joy that Only Comes with Salvation is fantastic from beginning to end. It incorporates sound doctrine and scripture in a time when we have so many "false salvations." This book is engaging, full of depth and practicality, includes prayers to join in with God, and calls us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. As stated in Chapter 6, "He wants your cup to overflow, and He doesn't mind making a mess," we need to understand our salvation and that living out the Bible is our joy." — Justin Coggins, Executive Director of God's Garage, and Founder of Pure Fire Ministries.

"The Fullness of Joy That Only Comes With Salvation is such a motivating read! John has clearly had a close encounter with Jesus, and it shows. His zeal is contagious for activating others into a radical lifestyle pursuing revival. I believe his passion will be imparted to you through this first volume in his Revival Fire-Starters series. I love that this book starts and ends with joy as that is an incredibly important fruit of our salvation, and so many have not been taught to focus on it. I believe this how-to manual for finding your spiritual fire will transform you from a dutiful church-goer into an excited believer set ablaze with the love and joy of God."— Andrea Joy Moede, Author, Speaker, & Coach, Host of Higher Look Podcast, AndreaJoy.org

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