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Fun Dog Facts for Kids 9-12

Silly, astonishing and just plain weird facts with explanations about the world’s most popular pet by pet author Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson. Fascinating and fun for dog-loving kids, fans of Jenny Kellett, Sophia Yin and Colleen Pelar and dog lovers of all ages!

If you’re just crazy about puppies and dogs, you won’t want to miss this fun dog book for kids! It tells you all about some of the strangest, oddest and most amazing things about pet puppies and dogs. Even if you’re an experienced pet owner, you’ll get some surprises when you read this book!

With astonishing true facts, amazing stories and lively photos, you’ll discover dozens of fun dog facts for children or dog lovers of every age, including answers to:

Is there such a thing as a dog that never barks? And can some dogs sing?
What couldn’t dogs do if they didn’t have whiskers, or a tail?
How do dogs always seem to know when it’s time for you to get home from school or work? Could it be possible that dogs can smell time?
What foods should you never feed a dog, and why?
What one thing can dogs do better than any other animal?
And what’s very odd about Dalmatian puppies?
Why are there so many different breeds of dogs?
And who was the first dog movie star to became famous around the world?

Find out all this and much more in Fun Dog Facts for Kids 9-12

Fun Dog Facts for Kids is the 1st book in the series Fun Animal Facts for Kids from Crimson Hill Books.

For ages 8 to 12 and/or Grades 4 and up.

This fact filled book also has 34 color photos.

Suitable for libraries, home school and classroom teachers who want to build kids word power.

Available in eBook and Paperback.

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Young Adult
March 23
Crimson Hill Products Inc.
Ingram DV LLC
Grades 3-6

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