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I created this book for all the picky eating children of the world, or rather for the people that are trying to feed them. It is filled with the recipes I have found or invented over the years that will lure them to the table and get them eating. You’ll also find many methods and outright tricks that I’ve used to entice them to try new foods they would normally turn their noses up at.
Many of them are actually good eaters, you just have find a way past whatever is keeping them from trying the foods they’re going to love. With the younger children or toddlers it is usually in the presentation instead of the preparation.
There is a large chapter on Dips and another on Snacks. I have found that dips can be one of the easiest most effective ways to get kids to eat foods that they normally avoid like certain veggies and fruits. Many of the dips have veggies in them too so when they dip their chips or crackers they’ll be getting a serving of vegetables as well. Kids love snacks much more than meals so use them to round out the daily required nutrients.
You’ll also find that most of the recipes in this book are comprised of small portions, finger foods, and toothpick bites. This is because of several reasons. Children’s stomachs are considerably smaller than adults and fill up faster. Children also seem to naturally dislike eating with utensils and would much rather eat by hand. Generally, kids just have more fun eating things they can either dip or top with something.
My hope is that this book might help you find ways to get your kids to eat the foods they need and to keep you from pulling out too much of your hair the way I used too before I discovered or invented the ideas you’ll find in this book.

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November 25
Dawn Michelle Everhart
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