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Charlie Chaplin said, “There are more valid facts and details in works of art than there are in history books,” and this is nowhere truer than in Rome.

In fact, one of the most astonishing things for an art lover on their first visit to the Eternal City is quite how much of it’s millennia-long history is contained, and can be read, in its huge variety of masterpieces from so many historical art movements.

To appreciate Roman art is to gain an insight both into the ideas and passions of some of the great artists and architects, and also into the social, political and religious context of this most extraordinary of cities.

Fun Rome for Art Lovers takes you on an insider’s tour of some of the very best of Rome’s art and architecture, from Imperial engineering, pagan temples and early Christian symbolism, through Gothic and Renaissance triumphalism and Baroque religious realism, to the masters of contemporary Italian and international art.

Enjoy this fascinating guide written by popular itunes author and Italophile Lucy Wright, in partnership with Reena Grewel, a long-time travel guide living and working in Rome.


Layers of history

The Arch in Rome

Distorted Perspectives

The Bad Boy of Baroque


Visit Rome’s only Gothic church at Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Stroll past the prettiest fountain in Rome

View early Christian symbolism in the San Callisto Catacombs

Get a free Bernini fix while you sip an espresso

Get up to date with MAXXI’s modern art 

Take a tour of Madonellas

See what ‘religious ecstasy’ looks like in San Francesco a Ripa

Enjoy Raphael’s work (without hordes of tourists and sky high entrance fees)

Witness the last remaining Roman pyramid

See how the Romans kept clean at the Baths of Caracella

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