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<p>Fun Sensations is the first short story collection from erotica author Farrah Seager. Included in this sexy collection are ten tales of lesbian, menage, and couple's erotica, featuring four male-female pairings, five lesbian stories, and one tale featuring multiple partners. Follow Hannah and Chloe in a stimulating trilogy as Hannah battles her feelings for the sexy woman she has just met; decide if Julie&rsquo;s Italian vacation is what she needs to get over her breakup.

Boiling Point
When Sophie meets her friend Tiffany at a local bar she is pleasantly surprised to see that her straight friend has someone with her. As they have a few drinks together and tongues start to listen, Sophie&rsquo;s inhibitions fall by the wayside and she realizes that Emma may also be looking for the same thing she is.

Fun In The Sun
Julie's recent breakup has left her feeling pretty down, until she takes her friend's advice and heads on a vacation to Italy. In Italy, Julie meets Paolo, a sexy native working at the bar by her hotel's pool. Is Paolo what Julie needed to take her mind off her ex?

Shopping Sensations
Rachel heads to the mall on a hot summer day to browse and beat the heat. She goes to the fitting room in one store to try on some clothes and finds herself accidentally admiring the store clerk's boobs. When shopgirl Leah takes a hint and gives Rachel some assistance in the dressing room, the day becomes that much hotter.

A Banging Birthday
Holly and Jess have big plans for their friend's, Mark's, birthday. The two sexy ladies join forces to give him a present he'll never forget, making all the other presents and even the birthday party pale in comparison. Will the fun of their present distract them from their party planning?

Luke wants time off from work to show his sister around town, but he'll have to get his boss off before he can get a couple of days off. Luke doesn't mind because his boss is such a sexy woman, but is she going to abuse her position before giving him what he wants?

Whipping It Up
Fern and her husband David have had a satisfying relationship, but Fern is starting to feel that their sex life is losing steam. As Fern thinks about David, she decides not only to pleasure herself to thoughts of new things to try with him but also to add some spice to their bedroom play. With the aid of some new toys and a new dominant attitude.

Teaching Her A Lesson
Vicky was different. She was a smart student and when she had the motivation to knuckle down, she always produced good work. The difficult part was getting her motivated and to get her to actually show up to lessons. Fortunately, young Mr. Scott seems to have figured out a way to reach her and to encourage her to take an interest.

Battle Of The Heart And Mind Part 1
Hannah tags along with her friends Tina and Georgie as they go to a party at Chloe's flat. Hannah had hoped to meet a guy at the party but instead discovers an unexpected attraction to their hostess, Chloe, even though she swears she's not gay.

Battle Of The Heart And Mind Part 2
Hannah and Chloe are at the mall when Hannah complains of an ache in her neck and back. Her new friend Chloe just happens to be a professional massage therapist, and she offers Hannah a free massage. Hannah tries to decline, but Chloe won't take no for an answer.

Battle Of The Heart And Mind Part 3
Hannah flees Chloe's apartment the morning after her massage from Chloe and their sexual encounter, questioning her sexuality and their friendship. When she finally gets back to her apartment, she finds a touching surprise that might just change her mind about remaining friends with Chloe and about being a lesbian.


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April 20

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