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This text is a primer for electrochemistry and electroanalysis and useful as a starting point before the digestion of more advanced material. It gives the fundamental framework for three important fields of electroanalysis that have typically been treated in isolation, namely potentiometry at membrane electrodes, dynamic electrochemistry of oxidation-reduction processes, and ion-transfer voltammetry. 

This book focuses on the concept of the cell potential, where the electrochemical potential is introduced as the thermodynamic basis of key importance for most treatments in electrochemistry and electroanalysis. We also introduce essential mass transport principles for the understanding of diffusion, electrical migration and liquid junction potentials. 

This text includes key tables, including ones for the calculation of activity coefficient of a wide range of electrolytes and liquid junction potentials. 

Each section of this book is accompanied with a wealth of problems to solve, and a separate solutions book is available that offers a step by step solution guide.

This book is a first of a planned series and is aimed at upper level undergraduate students and at doctoral students as part of a course in electroanalysis. It is an introduction to researchers entering the field of electroanalysis and may also be consulted in self study. It provides an entry point with linked references for further reading and may be useful as a reference of key fundamental concepts. This book will be followed by further volumes on potentiometry, dynamic electrochemistry and ion transfer voltammetry.

The electronic format of this text is hoped to make the material more pleasant and transparent than would be possible through the publication of a printed monograph. Cross-references within the text are given as hyperlinks, as are original articles and reviews suggested for further reading.

Electroanalysis is an active, exciting field with many applications and room for further fundamental development. This text may help readers to start better understand this important field and to hopefully make contributions on their own.

The author hopes that this series will form a useful entry into the material that complements other texts.

Science & Nature
November 6
Eric Bakker
Eric Bakker

Customer Reviews

iamkurban ,

it’s great

The book is written in plain language for the professionals and not only. I recommend this book to students, undergraduates and graduate students working with ISE.

Jingying Zhai ,

A very good introductory book

This is a very good book for those who are new to electrochemistry, such as undergrads, master students and junior Ph.D students. The concept is clear and the equations are easy to understand. I look forward to seeing the following series. It would be great that the book is readable also on iPhone!

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