Fundamentals of Fast Swimming

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In Fundamentals of Fast Swimming, Race Club Technical Director, Gary Hall Sr. and Head Coach Devin Murphy guide you to a better understanding of the science and nuances of what makes great swimmers so fast. In each chapter, every swimming stroke is broken down into its most important and basic components, explained in great detail with photos, including helpful drills at the end. 

After reading Fundamentals of Fast Swimming, with easy-to-understand explanations, over 300 photos and diagrams, you will become more knowledgeable about the sport of swimming. If you are a swimmer, you will become more efficient and faster. If you are a coach or parent, you will develop a much better appreciation for and understanding of swimming technique. 

Here is what some of swimming experts had to say about Fundamentals of Fast Swimming:
This is an outstanding book to read whether you are a new coach, veteran swimmer or experienced coach. If you are looking for new thoughts and concepts to propel you forward in your career, Gary has chunked big concepts into digestible explanations.  He also dives into the details of efficient swimming and training.  Gary has a unique perspective having swum, coached, mentored, and even fathered swimmers at the absolute highest level.  Gary's experience with the Race Club continues to give him relatable and valuable examples of progressive swimming concepts at every level of our great sport. - David Marsh Head Coach 2016 USA Olympic Women's Swimming TeamCoaching swimming requires the multifaceted vision that one may have as if they were centered in the middle of a fine cut diamond looking out. Gary, more than any person alive today, sits in this position. He is an Olympic swimmer, a supportive father of an Olympic Champion on one hand and a talented videographer on the other. He is a medical doctor, a clinician, an observer and a learner that surrounds himself with cutting edge thinkers.  What a delight it is to read through his vision, written in scientific poetry! Thank you, Gary, for all you have done for so many in so many areas of life! - Mike Bottom Head Coach University of Michigan Men's and Women's SwimmingWhen I was swimming in high school my mother gave me a copy of James 'Doc' Counsilman's, The Science of Swimming. I considered it the bible of swimming. Now, in Gary Hall Sr.'s, Fundamentals of Fast Swimming, Gary has exponentially added to his mentor's signature work. Ultimately, Gary's book is a reference manual for all things every competitive swimmer needs to know. This is a technical tool that thoroughly covers the mechanics of all strokes along with starts and turns. What makes it special is the introduction of the lessons that technological advances provide. As Gary explains, winning and losing in competitive swimming is now measured in hundredths of a second, achieved through nuance and perfection. This book is a compendium of lessons for gaining that edge.The book is well organized and truly a go-to reference tool. I was most surprised by Gary's description of what he calls of The Five Disciplines of Swimming. This short concluding chapter alone is worth the price of the book. Swimming training, strength training, nutrition, recovery and mental training are his pillars for success. As someone who has relied inordinately on swimming training, I am anxious to round out my personal program with what I have learned from reading this textbook to faster swimming. - Laura Val RN, Holder of 381 World Swimming Records in Masters Swimming

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