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This book opens a unique and rare perspective of the Oil and Gas industry that focuses on its history and the creation of the marketplace, how oil and gas are found, and a detailed explanation on the essential operations behind extracting (otherwise known as the Upstream Sector of the industry). From there, the book enters;Transportation of moving crude products from the field to the refinery, otherwise known as the Midstream Sector of the industry. The Refining or Downstream Sector of the industry is then thoroughly explained in aspects of the creation of gasoline and other highly demanded products. Only after the complete industry is explained, the book discusses present and likely future trends that every investor should want to know.

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May 2
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Chris Termeer

Customer Reviews

Foote27 ,

Great and informative!

Even though this is quite a large book, it reads easily and quickly. The author is very good at getting right to important information throughout. The book is great and effective at giving the necessary information in the very complex world of oil and gas, even to a novice as I consider myself. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for more and helpful information in the industry, be they novice, or seasoned.

AnnieSullivan_ ,

Very Informative!

I recently inherited a bit of money, and I wanted to get some information on different industries before I decided where to invest the inheritance. I bought this book looking for an in depth look at the oil and gas industry, and was not disappointed.

Not only does this book go into great detail regarding the industry's standards and practices today, it gives a great deal of history of the industry, which I found immensely interesting.

I actually expected this to be a bit of a dry read, given the subject matter, but that really wasn't the case. I'm thrilled that this was the book that I chose to help me make a decision about that inheritance.

Brandon Mochel ,

Absolutely Insightful!

The author does a spectacular job in explaining the whole industry and process as a whole. Whether it is the history that you wish to learn about or perhaps you are seeking key fundamentals that can help you become more knowledgeable in this industry, this is definitely the book for you! Chris does a great job at targeting all levels of experience and this is a great book for anyone with any level of knowledge. You will not regret purchasing this book!