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Fundamentals of Sustainable Business begins by briefly outlining the legacy of environmental and social failures that have arisen as a result of conventional business practices, and then describes the coalescence of a broad-based contemporary redesign of business that has been called 'The Next Industrial Revolution'. Championing the long-term interests of business, community, and the natural world, the book's vision of intelligent reformation is unlike any previous human endeavor.

The book synthesizes a diverse collection of movement components, including some original concepts, and provides a comprehensive and definitive source for understanding the emerging and complex phenomenon of sustainable business. This work challenges many long-held assumptions involving the relationship of the natural world and humankind as well as the fundamental approaches to business. Several current real-world business ventures that embody many of the proposed revisions are described. Without political bias, the second edition critiques the various emerging brands of sustainable business practices and provides the reader with a clear understanding of the essential design components that would provide the conceptual framework for a prosperous and healthy world for all generations of all species for all time.
Contents: Houston, We Have a ProblemSelecting a Design ConsultantThe Bull's EyeBusinesses Taking Care of BusinessGreasing the Cognitive SkidsGovernment Finally Gets It RightHealthy, Beautiful, Diverse, and DurableFalling Off the LogGetting Our Business Right
Readership: Undergraduate and graduate level students, sustainable business practitioners, and those in business who are curious about sustainable business.Sustainable Business;Green Business;Sustainable Development;Triple Top-Line;Sustainability;Product of Service;Product of Consumption;Systems Thinking;Natural Capital;Leed;Biomimicry;Sustainable Energy;Industrial Ecology0Key Features:A comprehensive description of multiple-sourced remedies that would eliminate many failures of the first industrial revolutionAn entire chapter describing the changes of the human living experience that would come from a redesign of business as we know it A deft analysis of the various peripheral approaches to sustainable business Appropriate for a newcomer or veteran of the sustainable business movementEqually supports business, people, and the natural worldA non-traditional classroom textbook that will also appeal to the casual reader

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April 28
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