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They can see the future, but can they outrun the past?

Rose has had the gift of prophecy most of her life and has found ways to cope with the flashes of foresight that plague her. Jeff has only had the ability for a few months and he needs Rose’s help to harness it. He sees her in his future, and puts his plan into action, knowing that an enemy is coming for them both.

An explosive situation, and a dangerous man…

Jeff is tall, sexy and has an air of mystery about him. She doesn’t need her prophetic gifts to know that spells trouble. Of course, he’s just the sort of trouble she’s been craving in her life. When he shows up at her workplace, she agrees to meet him for coffee, but when bad guys start shooting up the local mall to get to them, she follows her instincts and takes the escape he offers…straight into his waiting arms.

A secret base, and a secret unit…

Rose discovers all sorts of things she had never dreamed of before. Whisked away, under fire, to a secret military base, she’s offered a job where she’s supposed to help Jeff learn more about his newly acquired gift. But, when the enemy attacks the island base, she wonders if she’s there to help Jeff, or is it really the other way around? Either way, she discovers a deep and dangerous love for the soldier who stole her heart almost at first sight. Can they fight through to a place where their love can blossom, or are they doomed even before they start? Even Rose can’t see that future…

February 18
Bianca D'Arc
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

thismanmustbestopped ,

Could be so much more

It feels like someone took an excellent novel, wrote a screenplay for a 90-minute movie based on that novel, and then the screenplay was turned into this novella.

This is an interesting premise/world for a romance series, but the author fails to flesh things out. It reads like a children’s novel (minus the 2 brief sex scenes) or a serial romance from the 1980s. Very little description, very little dialogue, lots of “telling not showing”, cursory action scenes, and all conflict is driven by mysterious bad guys who are quickly and decisively foiled after brief confrontations.

The author could easily expand this novella into a meaty novel. For example: a longer get-to-know you period before the bad guys attack, main character development or backstory, some resistance to the insta-love, emotional baggage or negative character traits for the main characters, the bad guys could have initial success instead of being defeated within an hour of confrontation, more exploration and building of the obviously long-term supernatural conflict, etc.

If the author ever decides to go back and expand this series into a full-length novel for each couple, I would be all-in.

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