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Gabriel is the third book in the TREX spinoff M/M romance series, Rogues.

He's a 24/7 Dom with a singular, specific kink

who wants a man who's never experienced true submission

and always gets what he wants.

From USA Today bestselling author Allie K. Adams comes a spinoff from the popular TREX adventures.

TREX Agent Gabriel Torres has a gift for reading minds, a gift the agency uses to its advantage. After stopping a terrorist from detonating a bomb that would have leveled several city blocks, he deserves a little R&R and finds that in a one-night stand with a gorgeous man he only knows as Derek. Their night is cut short, leaving Gabe wishing he would have at least gotten his last name.

When he wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how he got there—of no memories at all—Gabe must sort through thoughts he picks up and flashes of memories, unsure which are his. He wants to know who dropped him at a house full of associate agents, how he's affiliated with the agency, and what the hell happened to his memories. Visions of a man with honey-colored eyes haunts his thoughts—and then the man walks through the door, claiming they've never met.

Derek Malone has a secret, one he doesn't plan to reveal to anyone, especially a man he's just met. His role as a TREX Internal Affairs Agent doesn't win him any popularity contests. He hooks up with Gabe for one reason and one reason only—to get close enough to capture a defecting agent and return him to HQ. Not be overwhelmed by the driving demand to claim him. Or want to teach him how to submit completely. His dominant needs must take second to the mission.

There's something about Derek, something familiar. Gabe is sure he knows him on a deeper level, an intimate level, and is determined to find out how. He's drawn by a hunger unlike he's ever experienced—and he's willing to do whatever it takes for Derek to possess him on every level.

When a familiar enemy resurfaces and threatens everything the TREX agents stand for, Gabe and Derek join forces with other rogue agents to stop the threat. A surprise attack shatters the agency and targets the agents for extinction. Only one man has the ability to tap into the minds of the adversaries and stop them before they destroy the world. Gabe's memories are the key to TREX's survival—if only he could recover them.

October 1
Allie K. Adams
Draft2Digital, LLC

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