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***Winner of 4 Digital Book World Awards 2018 including Best Book Overall**

+ beautifully printed companion guide at GaldosGift.com under 'gift option'

ATTENTION: This book contains astonishing enhancements!  So please wait for page thumbnails to load when very first opened on iPads/iPhones (it’s only a minute!).

Enter into the animated world of Galdovia! 

In this charming and hilarious tale, four hapless heroes are sent on a perilous quest by frog King Galdo to find a rare and special gift for a very special visitor; YOU the reader. The animated King Galdo narrates each verse alongside wonderfully rich imagery as every scene is a short, looping 'movie illustration' and each is a world in itself.

With real care, attention to detail and delightful sense of humour, storyteller/ illustrators Trevor Young and Eleanor Long have devised a revolutionary new ebook to enthral you and the child within (or sat next to you). This is not a book, it's not a movie, it's a Boovie! - a book in motion.

King Galdo narrates the whole story, voiced by well-loved UK TV actor Brian Murphy.

Galdo's Gift set to become a modern classic; it's a real treasure that is simply unmissable.

This story is for the young and young at heart! And no child is left behind with over 250 fun pop up word definitions. 

Book enhancements: : Narration, read aloud, animation, definition pop ups, soundtrack, (& personalisation on iPad & iPhone).

“I really like that the book is animated and you can get definitions for a word that you don't understand.” Laura, aged 9

“It's one of the best kid's books that I have ever seen in my life.” Jake, aged 10

“I liked it all so 5 stars for you.” Ryan, aged 9

“I liked the rhyming and it was like a poem.” Charlie, aged 9

With personalisation on all iOS devices including a final personal surprise at the end.

February 8

Customer Reviews

drogers ,

Loved the animation and soundtrack

What a fun book. I enjoyed the separate approaches to the story; i.e. watching the animations, hearing the soundscapes, and narration, and the ability to read by myself or to have the words read to me. Nice choice on the narrator.

Emilydh25 ,

A lovely interactive story for everyone!

I greatly enjoyed Galdo’s Gift, the whimsical illustrations and interactive features including animations and vocabulary were great. My nephew loved it and we went through it a couple of times—I’m sure we’ll read through it again!

Momo and Youbi ,

A fantastic adventure for all!

My 6 year old daughter absolutely enjoyed reading about an adventurous kingdom! She was able to read and listen to the stories while also seeing the beautiful illustrations. Galdo’s Gift is an humorous adventure for all ages.